Marie Henshaw, BA., CYC., C.Hyp., BSP

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  • Registered Psychotherapist
  • 351 Charlotte St., Suite 201E, Peterborough, ON, Ontario, K9J 2W1
  • Phone: 705-768-2827
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  • Session Fees: $125.00 for a 50 minute session
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

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Marie Henshaw is deeply committed to helping you learn how to  handle the crisis that life can throw at you

  • couples counselling
  • dealing effectively with anxious with all ages
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • PTSD 

  • improved communications skills:  often what one person says and what the other person hears is not the same--we hear communications through our unresolved issues which distorts our perceptions.  Marie  helps clients hear the true message that is being communicated.
  • learning how to effectively deal with anxiety-depression and understanding the roots of these emotions
  • as you learn new effective tools to communicate clearly you can feel more confident and secure in social situations
  • since Marie is also a CYC effective parenting techniques can be utilized
  • you will come to learn why you do some of the things you do that are your root issues
  • you will come to learn that unresolved childhood issues and wounds can not be met or repair in an adult relationship:  ie if you didn't feel safe and secure in childhood we carry these issues into adulthood and look for our partner to meet this need.  However this is a need and hurt we need to heal.  
  • Cognitive Behaviour Counselling:  looking to the Self Defeating Core Belief scale points you to the weak and maladapted Life Script:  using the dysfunctional thought record, cognitive behaviour we challenge the unhealthy reactions and rewrite those into healthy responses.  
  • Solution Focused Therapy:  here we look at what needs to change and how this can be accomplished
  • Family Therapy:  utilizing the above mentioned tools we look at the dynamics that plays out in the family:  Dr Harville Hendricks say "most struggles in marriages are the results of unresolved childhood wounds and traumas".  We will look at the root of the issues--the root never looks like the fruit.  
  • MARIE HENSHAW also uses hypnosis, Emotion Code,  Brainspotting which are all evidence based therapies that are extremely effective and could speed up the healing process
  • MARIE HENSHAW  also uses art therapy with children and play therapy
  • MARIE HENSHAW has studies the Neurobiology of Anxiety and Depression as well as several Clinical Trauma Training

  • COST:
  • $125.00-$165.00
  • A receipt will be issues.  If the client has EAP Marie works for several of these companies.  


  • 351 Charlotte St., Suite 201E, Peterborough, ON. cell:  705-768-2827  705-639-2414
  • B.A. S.D.S.  University of Waterloo 
  • Child and Youth Counsellor :  St Lawrence College
  • Clinical  Counselling Hypnosis:  KAREN DAY
  • Emotion Code Practionaire ;  DR B.  NELSON
  • Clinical Trauma Training
  • Brainspotting;  DAVID GRAND 

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Peterborough ON