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Sometimes life gets very complicated and frustrating. Important relationships may become difficult. Life changes or losses can leave us feeling lost or angry. We may feel overwhelmed and overcome with worry. Sometimes we simply feel like giving up. I named my practice Daylight Counseling because sometimes it feels like we're lost in the woods and just need to see daylight ahead. Daylight represents hope and the ability to see.

I provide a safe environment to move toward that hope, working with you as a partner and providing information, encouragement, and observations as together we explore your options. We will look at the ways your personal history has molded you and at the thoughts and feelings that have helped you interpret your world. Sometimes we will explore beliefs or behaviors that are not working for you and I may be able to help you consider alternatives that will be more effective for you. I will encourage you to identify and express your feelings and opinions. You are valuable, and my goal is to help you identify your strengths, determine the areas in which you would like to become stronger, and encourage you as you make steps toward the goals you have set for yourself as you are becoming everything God designed you to be.

 I work with issues including anxiety, depression, relationships, boundaries, parenting, blended families, anger management, codependency, and low self-esteem. I take great joy in watching my clients increase their awareness of the world around them, improve their understanding of what is real and true, learn to balance that reality with feelings that seem to say otherwise, build self-confidence, enhance motivation to grow as individuals, and create healthier relationships.

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