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Martin Dragan BSc (Hons.), DHS, ACS 

Specializes in : Desire/Arousal Disorder, Orgasmic Disorder, Sexual Pain, Ejaculation Disorders, Erectile Dysfunction, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Addictions, Hypersexuality, Gender Dysphoria/Transgender Experiences, Depression and Anxiety

Everyone deserves a healthy sex life, and everyone is capable of achieving it. There are a variety of factors that can affect our sexual health, and it is my goal to help clients overcome the obstacles that impede their personal path to wellbeing. 

As a trained clinical sexologist, I take a non-judgmental and sex-positive approach to therapy. With some patience and a willingness to learn, clients can expect richer relationships and a greater personal understanding through individual and/or couples counselling sessions.

Whether clients have a specific concern or general questions about sexuality, I am here to offer my support and expertise. I welcome all individuals, regardless of age, sex, religion, gender or orientation. 

Every question and concern is valid! I encourage all to contact me to discuss personalised counselling and support options.

Degrees and Associations:

·        Bachelor of Science (Hons.), Community Health Sciences

·        Doctor of Human Sexuality

·        American College of Sexologists

·        Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists, and Psychotherapists

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