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Hello, my name is Dr. Masha Godkin. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist and Professor of Counseling Psychology. I’m licensed in the state of Ca. (license number MFC 52362.) I received my B.A. in Psychology from UCSD, and my Psy.D in MFT from Alliant International University. Since 2010, I have served as adjunct faculty at National University/San Diego, Alliant International University/San Diego, and Central Texas College/San Diego, teaching various undergraduate, master’s, as well as doctoral level counseling psychology courses. My professional experience includes online counseling, individual, group, couples and family therapy, as well as facilitating SMART recovery meetings.

I also have an extensive background in drama and music. I am a classically trained singer, and was a former child actor. My personal experience in those areas has enabled me to provide the best level of care to those involved in the field of performing arts. I myself have gone through the specific challenges and stressors that the industry presents to the artists. This puts me in the unique position to help former child actors and working actors in overcoming their internal struggles.

I work from the evidence based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This approach places emphasis on the power of thoughts over human actions. Sometimes thoughts are maladaptive, they do not serve the best interests of the individual. CBT involves awareness of the link between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Once awareness is achieved, there are a set of skills that can be applied. Maladaptive thoughts can be challenged and changed.

CBT works well in the treatment of various presenting problems, including addiction. This approach helps individuals to break free from destructive thoughts that create bad habits. Instead these harmful thoughts are gradually replaced with those that lead to freedom, to unlocking one’s own personal potential.
I will guide you through this process. Through the various online therapy modalities, I offer you my insights, and provide you with the tools to break free from the aspects in your life that are not working.

I also incorporate aspects of the humanistic approaches, such as Carl Rogers’s person centered therapy. Like Maslow, Carl Rogers argued that “the curative force in psychotherapy [is] man’s tendency to actualize himself, to become his potentialities…to express and activate all the capacities of an organism.” I firmly believe that individuals already have within them all the resources and strengths they need to become their best selves, and to lead healthy, and happy lives. They are born with this potential. The therapist’s role is then to facilitate the individual in accessing their inner wisdoms that will ultimately lead them to freedom.

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