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I am a Certified Canadian Counselor, member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association as well as a member of the National Alliance of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists. Therefore, I adhere to a strict code of ethics and my services are reimbursed by most personal health insurance companies under naturopathic services.
My educational background includes a bachelor's degree as well as a master's degree in clinical sexology from the University of Quebec in Montreal. Being very passionate about my work, I strive to always learn more about sexuality and relationships. That's why I also have training outside of the University curriculum. I'm trained in the Sexocorporal approach from l'Institut Sexocorporel International which is a therapeutic approach specialized for sexual well-being and I have also assisted to conferences from world renowned authors in the long-term relationships and sexuality field such as Dr. David Schnarch and Esther Perel.
I believe in helping people by helping them understand the root causes of their difficulties. A lot of times we have difficulties because of what we feel emotionally. Our emotions can make us think and act in ways that are not always in our best interest. Whether your difficulties are with yourself, with others or both, I can help you understand why you have those difficulties and help you resolve them.
Although my expertise is with sexual and relational difficulties, I offer therapy for many different problems.
These include :
Low self-esteem / self-image 
Marital / couple conflicts
Communication difficulties
Anger management
Emotional difficulties
Divorce / separation
Infidelity / trust issues
Excessive jealousy 
As for the sexual difficulties, these might include :
Sexual desire discrepancies
Disagreements on sexual preferences 
Difficulties in sexual arousal (erectile difficulties, lubrication, feeling aroused)
Rapid ejaculation / Delayed ejaculation
Difficulty or inability to reach orgasm
Pain during sex (dyspareunia, vestibulodynia and vaginismus)
Sexual aversion or phobia
Difficulties associated to sexual abuse
Sexual compulsion / porn addiction
Gender dysphoria
Discomfort with sexual orientation
Difficulty adapting to a health problem that affects sexuality 
Etc. anyone who experiences dissatisfaction towards their sexuality could benefit from sex therapy
My services are offered to both individuals and couples in either english or french.  
The well-being and comfort of my clients is of outmost importance to me. That's why I offer professional services where confidentiality and transparence of the services offered are assured.  
I'm located at the Psychology and wellness center in Dieppe, New-Brunswick. I offer in-person counselling, phone counselling as well as videoconference counselling via Skype. Other arrangements may be made if neither of these options are possible for you.
Please feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns. You can also visit my website for more information at :
Tel: 506-382-1717
Cell: 506-962-5125
All calls and e-mails are confidential and will be answered promptly. 
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
May we all develop the strength to love well.
Mathieu Cormier, M.A.
Psychotherapist & clinical sexologist  

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