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I have worked in a number of fields that correlate with the field of counseling.  Being the mother of nine children, five that I gave birth to and four that I adopted, I learned a lot from my children about life and people.  I have had a number of professions, I feel as though I have reinvented myself many times. Having had this many children I felt I needed to study nutrition so for all the years that my children were growing up in addition to the  last 20 years, I have made this a priority, which is now benefiting my clients since diet plays a significant role in a person's mental well being. Counseling is helpful,but if the client's diet consists of a lot of junk food then all the counseling that occurs without assessing their diet isn't usually as effective, as when I  help my client to improve their diet and to encourage them to stop eating dangerous processed foods.

In the 1980’s I worked as a Fashion coordinator for Macys in San Jose California.  I dressed professionals and gave workshops on “How to dress for success.”  I later left Macys to become a Real Estate agent.  My focus as an agent was to make purchasing a home as stress free as possible for my clients.

Moving back home to Canada in the early 1990’s I decided to open a coffee roasting business, the first in Nanaimo.  I had learned how to roast coffee while living in the San Francisco Bay area from an elderly Italian Man who owned a coffee roasting business in San Francisco.  When I had to close my Nanaimo business due to an economic downturn, I had to reinvent myself yet again.

So I decided to go back to school and study psychology.  I graduated in 2008 with my undergraduate degree from Vancouver Island University and went on to the University of Victoria for my masters in counseling.  It was while I was doing my masters degree that I was introduced to the Gottman method by one of my professors, who felt it was the most effective method of marriage counseling.  Upon receiving my Masters degree, I decided to pursue my training under Dr. Gottman in Seattle Wa., completing all the required levels to offer the Gottman method of marriage counseling in my practice.

I have been counseling people since 2003, having initially received training in personal, youth, and couples counseling, at Nanaimo Family Life Association and then donating my time as a volunteer counselor, while pursuing my degrees.

My approach to Couples counseling and how my clients will benefit.

One of the beneficial aspects of the Gottman method, which I practice, are the practical Tools I give my clients to work with to help them solve any issues they could be dealing with. At the beginning of each session, I introduce them to the tool for the particular issue and then I coach them while they practice using it during their session. When they are done practicing and their session is over I give them a copy of the tool to take home to use if the issue comes up again. An example of one of those tools is Aftermath of a Fight or Regrettable Incident, which gives them the necessary “5 steps to reclaiming good will with your partner.”

My approach to Grief and Loss counseling and how my clients will benefit.

I am a very compassionate person and deeply understand how my clients feel as they try to deal with grief and loss. This is due to my own life experiences, which helps me to be an effective counselor. I lost my biological dad when I was 5 years old, due to divorce, my second dad died when I was 13, my third dad died when I was 22, and my forth dad died when I was 32. I have also lost two brothers one when I was 18 and the other in 2007 just before he turned 54. And I have lost my mom who died in 2011. All of my knowledge and training in grief and loss and my life experiences are a benefit to my clients.

My approach to Family Therapy counseling and how my clients benefit.

It is important to help clients understand that when they marry that they are each bringing in to the relationship their Family of Origin beliefs, values and attitudes. In our first session I teach them that It is important and healthy to have a balance in their ability to function well within their family of origin and also apart from it. I also teach them that Differentiation from their Family of Origin means being able to maintain an emotional connection but not being restricted or reactive because of that connection. My clients benefit due to learning that Healthy human functioning depends on gaining a balance between our thinking( our ability to detach and be objective) and our emotions (our personal feelings about what is significant and important to us.

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