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   Being a therapist was always the plan. Coming from an Irish east coast family, I learned many of the skills that would come to be most useful in this work.  They gave me a finely tuned ear, a vigilance for nuance and an ability to see from many perspectives.  I am grateful. 
   Coming from a systems perspective, I desire to assist clients to see their part in the dance. Once aware we can make change. Having a safe place to share one's thoughts and feelings, even the ugly ones, is freeing. Hearing our
selves is often the beginning of knowing what is our next step.  
   I am a proud graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Starting out as a child development major was life changing. It feeds my work everyday. My early intern work was in Hospice and Community Mental Health.  After licensure, I continued my career working in Employee Assistance for a large aerospace company. It is there that I gained most of my knowledge about the world of recovery.  After leaving EAP, I worked for Center for Bridging Family Concerns in Ventura, maintained a private practice and worked at Ventura Counseling Center, a well regarded Christian counseling center, where I was the clinical director for 7 years. 

    In addition, I worked as an associate professor for Azusa Pacific University. It was there I realized the need for supervisory excellence. I pursued my certifications and am a certified supervisor with both AAMFT and CAMFT. 
   My areas of interest are working with people in active recovery, assisting grown children in their peacemaking process with aging parents, marital couples who desire greater mutual understanding, young adults in their quest for emancipation and parent coaching- teaching emotional regulation in hopes of gaining a deeper understanding of their children's developmental stage.  
   Much of my work is with practicing Christians.  Incorporating our spiritual beliefs in our thoughts, words and deeds is a high calling that I find challenging and exhilarating .
   I have been licensed since 1986. I am married with two grown daughters, two son's in law and two granddaughters.  
   Ballroom dance has become a passion and the metaphoric correlates to therapy have been profound. I am known for my excellent questions, my circuitous route to getting there, putting words to complex feelings and quick humor. My hope is that it is a grace giving process.
“I do not understand the mystery of grace -- only that it meets us where we are and does not leave us where it found us.” Anne Lamott

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