Mazda Kahnamuyipour, RP/CRPO, Diploma/ GIT

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  • Registered Psychotherapist
  • 124 Morrison Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6E 1M4
  • Phone: 416-660-7186
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  • Session Fees: $105 (HST included) for individuals, $120 (HST included) for couples
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Webcam

Training and approach:
I am a Registered Psychotherapist (RP), working with individuals and couples in Toronto since 2010. I received my 5-year training at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto, followed by ongoing training and workshops in different approaches such as EFT, mindfulness, sensory awareness and RLT.
 Support and Challenge are the two main factors that we need to establish in therapy in order to create change. In addition to my years of experience in therapy, I also bring my 27 years of experience as an educator with adults. I will be present with you which means I will not only listen to the content of your story but also how you deliver it, how you communicate, how you feel in the session and the dynamic we create together. By providing questions and feedback that resonate with you, you will feel supported and that will lead to trust in our relationship and the process of our work together. Trust in the process will allow us to explore further. In therapy we are not only looking at one specific event, but different aspects of life and how one pattern shows up in other areas. I validate and respect the range of feelings and thoughts you have in the process, and invite you to experiment and explore them further. This will inevitably lead to a new awareness. You may have new insights or your old beliefs may shift, which will create room for new possibilities. In time you will see a bigger range of choices with genuine hope and excitement. Making life changes will become much more attainable.
Who can benefit:
 If you feel...
  • Lack of energy and motivation or purpose in every day life;
  • Overwhelmed, confused and frustrated or simply lost at times;
  • Lonely or unable to communicate effectively or lack confidence;
...Therapy can be a natural relational process to address your issues, help you to feel lighter and more energized.

I have helped clients having difficulty with: depression, anxiety, anger management, stress, trauma, doubt and indecisiveness, focus, structure and organisation, relationship issues, intimacy, miscommunication, loss and grief, addictions, obsessive behaviour, and identity.    
 How can clients benefit from therapy:

  • The focus of my therapy practice is on being fully present with you in the moment;
  • I include and model mindful listening, awareness of thoughts and feelings and their impact within and outside of the session. 
  • I work with the patterns that arise in the session and relate them to your current experience in life;
  • We'll find those patterns that keep you stuck and create interventions together;
  • Your skills, your feelings and your thoughts are validated and supported and from here I will support you to face the challenge of making different choices;
  • I will support you in establishing clear boundaries in the session and work with you to help create and encourage those boundaries in your life;
  • I respect where you are coming from (gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality, different life experiences ...) and will consider your preferences and choices in any thoughts, insights, experiments and challenges that I offer.
I speak both English and Persian (Farsi) fluently, and coming from an ethnic background I have been able to relate to and help clients dealing with issues caused by immigration, multi-cultural environment and cultural conflicts within the family of origin as well as in their interactions outside. 


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