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  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
  • 238 S Orange Ave, Suite 702, California, 92821
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  • Session Fees: $80-120.00. Please contact me for Health Insurance acceptance.
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At some point in our lives, we may face challenges, overwhelming decisions to make or we just need an impartial person to help us process our experiences. Seeking out therapy does not mean that you aren't strong enough to handle the issue; instead it shows that you are motivated and determined to find different ways or solutions because those that you've tried may not have worked so far. Everyone likes feeling heard and understood and my approach to provide the space for that to happen in a supportive, non-judgmental and encouraging way. The idea of change can be scary and daunting and for that reason, I will go at your speed and help you take the steps that you are ready to take. I can offer new approaches to dealing with obstacles, different perspectives and I can impart different "tools" to understand and manage your thoughts and emotions. Therapy is not one size fits all and for that reason, it is important that you and I work together to find what might be most helpful to you. In order for you to you develop a stronger and healthier sense of self.

The therapeutic relationship is considered to the best predictor of change for persons engaged in therapy. What that means is that you may find therapy much more useful and effective if you have a therapist whom you trust as genuine, non-judgmental and can connect with. Therapy is a brave step so it makes sense to want to start the process with someone who appreciates that and goes at your speed. I highly value the relationships I have with those I work with and want them to understand that the therapy session is not about me and if there is an approach they find that might be more useful to them, I am happy to adapt my approach to fit your needs.
Common Myths About Therapy:
"Therapy is only for those with serious issues." Many of us face times of uncertainty, have major decisions to make, experience bumps in our relationships or are tired of feeling the way we have been. Having a place to express these things and to be honest with ourselves can be very freeing. Going to see the doctor for even routine checkups is not reserved to serious health problems and tending to your emotional well-being is no different.  The media and the entertainment industry tends to reinforce the idea that only "crazy" people go to therapy and unfortunately this creates an unnecessary stigma and barrier to us having the opportunity to becoming healthier beings. 
"I should be able to handle things on my own." As mentioned above, we don't expect ourselves to be able to deal with an illness or physical health barriers on our own; why do we expect ourselves to have all of the answers to our own internal or external conflicts? There is no manual on maneuvering through life and even when situations or change is welcome, we may have feelings or thoughts that don't make sense; therapy can help you gain insight or a different understanding of these things.
"I have my friends and family to talk to, what is a therapist going to do differently?" Sometimes there might be things that contribute to our struggles that we don't want to share with even those closest to us. Even the most loving and supportive friends don't always know how to give us what we are looking for when we are sharing; active listening, validation and caring confrontation can be difficult to offer someone you are so close to. Sometimes our friends and loved ones try to be helpful by "telling us what we should do" and get frustrated when we don't take their advice. People in our lives can be consumed by their own struggles; therapists provide a space that is reserved only for you and can help you find solutions that work for you and identify obstacles that might get in your way.    

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