Mei-whei Chen, Ph.D

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 Meet Dr. Mei-whei Chen

From a young age, I recognized an ability and interest in listening deeply to people’s needs, and in helping people on an interpersonal level.

I followed my heart and graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington, with a doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology.

I help Clients Triumph Over a Wide Range of Life Challenges

I'm known as a direct, insightful, kind, and inspiring therapist, serving Chicago and the North Shore. As a therapist, I have served clients of varying ages and diverse backgrounds. I help them triumph over a wide range of life challenges, such as:

·     marital or family issues

·     relationship issues

·     ACOA issues

·     immigration adjustment issues

·     cross-cultural issues

·     anxiety

·     depression

·     grief and loss

·     stress and burnout

·     life transition issues.

About My Approach & Therapeutic Style

In working with clients, I use an integrated approach to help them resolve the pain, discouragement, and tension in their relationships.

My clients enjoy my therapeutic style which is active, experiential, action-oriented and growth-promoting.

It is very rewarding for me to cultivate clients' capacity and skills so that they can thrive in more fulfilling relationships.

Benefits of Counseling with Dr. Mei-whei Chen

I strive to establish a safe, nourishing environment in which you can

·     discuss your issues openly;

·     feel relief from your symptoms;

·     heal your hurts, loss, and grief;

·     build new skills to thrive in stronger relationships;

·     and make progress on your priority and life goals.

You can create a lasting growth and more fulfilling relationships through the collaborative art of counseling and therapy. 

This is an incredible journey and the best investment in yourself and your relationships. Through this journey, you learn to come home to your inner strengths and inner rich resources. 

A Therapy to Restore Your Well-Being and Relationships

Our connections with people who matter to us are central to our happiness.

Regardless of whether these connections are with our significant others, spouse, children, relatives, friends, colleagues, or people in our communities, the quality of these relationships has a definite impact on our sense of well-being.

At the same time, our problematic interaction with these people could become the ultimate source of our despair.

For many people in our society, it hurts so much to long for a relationship yet not knowing how to develop one.

For others, they live in a family or a relationship, yet feel extremely lonely and invisible.

Close, secure and supportive relationships are the most important for our well-being, whether these are with our husband, wife, partner, families, or friends.

There is a sacred empty space designed within us; until that space is filled with our envisioned love and connection, we will continue our search.

But many of us frantically search in the flashy world or in the digital realm, eventually finding ourselves disillusioned at its empty promises.

If this is how you feel, you are not alone. Many people feel the same sense of deprivation and discouragement nowadays.

The good news is many have benefited a great deal from counseling and psychotherapy; some have seen transformation even after comparatively few sessions.

Join me now to take on the path towards a happier life and more fulfilling relationships!

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