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Do you feel stuck in a situation where it is hard to see the light? Whether it’s events or patterns from your past, or your present, you may feel frustration or shame at not being able to change. As a parent or guardian you might feel helpless as you watch your child struggle with anxiety or behaviour. And often a child in crisis can impact the dynamics of the entire family, making everyone feel off-balance and confused. At Orchid Psychotherapy and Coaching, we can help you to start to bend towards the light, to feel the hope that comes with the support to create healthy, sustainable changes.
Our home-based practice is designed to make you feel comfortable and accepted, where your unique strengths and goals are the focus. From play-based therapy for children to a warm, welcoming place for teens and adults to share their stories, we strive to create a safe space that encourages and supports your growth.
We offer a flexible schedule and in-person, outdoor/walking and virtual appointments. Located in Jasper, Ontario our space is uniquely designed to be both family- friendly and individual-focused. If you’re ready to grow towards the light, email us by clicking on the link below.

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