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  • Doctoral Level Clinical Psychologist
  • 7401 Metro Blvd, Suite 525, Edina, Minnesota, 55439
  • Phone: 612-268-5858
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How You Will Benefit from Therapy:
Are you feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, stuck, uncertain, lost or hopeless about something in your life? These are the exact descriptions I hear from so many of my clients when they first come to me. And to make matters worse, you of course have to continue keeping up with your day-to-day life, which doesn't leave any time to address those issues. So they just sit there, hovering in the background, draining more of your energy with each passing day.

I understand how excruciating that experience can be, and I want to help you as quickly and effectively as I can. I help people get calm, focused, confident, and motivated so they can resolve those issues and move forward in their lives with purpose and direction. When we turn down the volume on all of that background stress you're experiencing, you're going to be amazed how energized and lighthearted you can feel!
Specialty in Interpersonal Relationships:
Whether or not an interpersonal conflict is the issue bringing you to therapy, I guarantee that you have relationships that are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Every facet of our lives is touched by our relationships with others! When our relationships struggle, we are hindered emotionally and physically. And when our relationships flourish, we feel safe and secure to explore and enjoy the world around us.
Helping clients master their interpersonal relationships is not only my specialty, it's my passion! Everyone's heard that "improving communication" is the key to improving relationships, but I want to help you learn interpersonal strategies, proven by research and experience, that go far beyond simply how you talk to others. Because building and maintaining valuable connections with others isn't just about what you say, it's about who you are! It's difficult to find fulfillment in external relationships if your internal sense of self is lackluster. You can experience a decrease in your distressing symptoms, feel positive and grounded in yourself, and maximize your relationships - and therapy is an avenue that can help you get there.
How I Work:
Over and over again clients tell me that I'm different than other therapists with whom they have worked. I have been told that my style is fast-paced, personable, endlessly optimistic, highly engaging, relaxed, and humorous. When clients describe my professional work in this way, I'm struck by how much these words describe me personally as well. This tells me that what my clients get in therapy with me is an authentic relationship where we can both be "real" with one another.

I care deeply about my clients and I believe strongly in their ability to change their lives. When you can I explore your "stuck" places together, you can develop a greater sense of control, flexibility, and purpose in how you act and react in your life. I want to help empower you to make the kinds of changes that will allow you to live your life with fullness, honesty, meaning, and connection.

Education and Experience:
Prior to relocating to the Twin Cities, I worked for 5 years at Stanford University's Counseling and Psychological Services. I hold an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Yale University and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.
Online Appointment Scheduling:

I know it can be frustrating to reach out for help and then have to wait for someone to get back to you. Feel free to use this link to go ahead and schedule your first appointment with me.
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