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Meet Dr. Rivest, M.S., Ph.D., D.S.T

It seems hardly possible that I have been counseling professionally since 1985. Actually there are many more years than that if you count my college peers lining up to speak with the “Doc” for the sometimes very unusual college problems, followed by 10 years in industry, and 10 more in teaching.

I love being there for people. I believe that all of my clients should receive merit badges for courage as they face the difficult obstacles that prevent them from being happy and achieving their goals.
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  • Counseling since 1985
  • Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor ( NCCA)
  • Diplomat: National Board of Christian Clinical Therapist
  • Board Certified Clinical Supervisor (NBCCT)
  • Board Certified: Sex Therapy & Counseling (UACCI)
  • Board Certified Depression Counselor (UACCI)
  • Board Certified Hospice & Bereavement Counselor (UACCI)
  • Board Certified: Temperament Instructor (SACC)

Dr. Rivest is licensed by the National Christian Counselors Association. He is under the authority of a National Licensing Board of Examiners.

Dr. Rivest is also an experienced classroom teacher, seminar and workshop leader, as well as being a radio and television personality. He has done extensive writing in a number of professional mediums.


M.S. in Education (Canisus College)

Ph.D. in Christian Counseling  Both earned doctorates are from Bethany Divinity College and Seminary (formerly known as Bethany Bible College and Theological Seminary.     

D.S.T. in Sacred Theology


  • D.D. (Doctor of Divinity, Causa Honoris) (St. Francis Seminary) 
  • LL.D. (Doctor of Letters, Causa Honoris) (St. Anthony House Bible Institute)
  • Who’s Who in Executives and Businesses 1999-2000
  • Outstanding Intellectual of the 21st Century, 2006, Award (IBC)
  • Leading Educators of the World, 2006, Award (IBC)
  • Plato Award for Outstanding Teaching 2007 Award (IBC)
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, 2007 (DCCC)


Individual counseling covers just about everything.

Depression comes through my doors most often (I specialize in Depression and Grief Counseling ), followed by pornography (usually the wives drag in their husbands), lastly the family of origin issues like codependency and relationship problems caused by childhood abuse or neglect.

I hate it the most when women come to me beaten down by what has come against them. I love it the most when they complete counseling and leave my office singing “ I am woman. Hear me roar.”


“If you can’t make it there you can’t make it anywhere.” What I mean is that the bedroom doesn’t lie. If it stinks there the relationship stinks also. There aren’t many Certified Sex Therapists around so I thought that would be an important thing to do. Sex therapy also covers such topics as sexual addiction, sexual enhancement, and gender identity. I have a lot of clients whose sexual addiction is ruining their marriages.

Teens often get themselves in trouble by sexting, pornography, and early sexual experiences

Marriage Counseling

I love using couple’s counseling to heal childhood wounds. Isn’t that what real love is meant for? Isn’t poor communication an emotional hiding out? Isn’t that abusive husband the little bully boy and the enabling wife the little lost girl?


I am married to Kathleen. Our three daughters are all grown up making us grandparents many times over. I love cats, dogs and all things small. Give me a good steak, a good laugh, and you will have a friend for life. My secret wish is to get back in shape to run more Ultra-runs. My expressed wish is to spend more time with those I love.


The first counseling session usually called an Intake, lasts 50 minutes and can be very helpful. Sometimes the couple needs a FAST START . So we offer two sessions back to back, 100 minutes. This is like getting two weeks of counseling at one sitting. This is a great  opportunity to get that troubled marriage really moving in a positive direction.    

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Some Short Videos on Counseling Issues

A Man Confesses His Adultery:  http://youtu.be/zE14cnGOdV8

A Couple Arguing Badly: http://youtu.be/lFw7z7V-2bA

Husband Caught Using Pornography: http://youtu.be/Ld24BNl9cok

Written Works by Michael Rivest

Arguing Badly (Logical Fallacies)
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