Michael Sherry, EdD, IABMCP

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  • Clinical Psychologist
  • 2615 Three Oaks Rd, #2A, Cary, Illinois, 60013
  • Phone: 847 275 8236
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  • Session Fees: All insurance plans accepted; your insurance is billed directly; your credit cards are accepted'; day, evening and Saturday appts. are available.
  • www.carypsychology.com

Distinguished Qualifications

Dr Mike Shery provides expert psychological assessments, counseling and therapy. He is a graduate of the famed University of Southern California.  He is also a former college and National Institute of Mental Health grant investigator and administrator, a Diplomate of the American Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy, a certified specialist in counseling and a distinguished clinical psychologist and author.

Experience You Can Trust

He has been in practice since 1976 and accepts referrals from the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Centegra, Alexian and Good Shepherd hospitals in McHenry County.  He is an expert psychologist and uses the latest state-of-the-art treatment techniques.

Unparalleled Convenience and Service

He offers day, evening and Saturday appointments, next day appointments, bills your insurance directly and has an ironclad no waiting policy .  His office is in Cary, IL, near Crystal Lake, Marengo and Algonquin and accepts all applicable insurance plans.

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Cary IL