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Milton Derry

B.Ed., B.S.PE., M.S., R.T.C., M.T.C.


Do you feel insecure a lot of the time--and then wonder “Why am I so insecure? What’s wrong with me?” 

If feelings of insecurity are taking over your life, chances are your inner dialogue is also painfully harsh and critical, and your self-doubt is leaking into your relationships -- leaving you feeling ashamed, alone, and at a loss for how to make it all stop. 

As a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, I specialize in helping individuals (and couples) identify and transcend deep-rooted insecurities and issues of trust, including:
  • Feeling distant and disconnected from your partner and friends.
  • Feeling suspicious and anxious of what your partner and friends (or even your supervisor) think of you.
  • Expressing jealousy and other such feelings in big, defensive and counter-productive ways.
  • Internally comparing yourself with those you consider “better” or “higher up” than you.
  • Difficulty trusting your partner or friends.
  • Feeling not cared for, disrespected, or not heard in relationship.

I have been supporting individuals and couples since 2009,  and I can confidently say that no insecurity or lack of trust is too far-gone to overcome. Asking for help--as you are considering doing now--is a pivotal and telling first step. 

If you are willing to show up in sessions with me and do the work, I can help you find:

  • Ways to communicate your needs, desires and fears that are far more likely to be heard, and be met with respect.
  • A deeper connection with your partner and friends, and more comfort and ease with your colleagues or supervisor.
  • Clarity on how to manage and express your insecurities in healthy, productive ways.
  • Confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your relationships. 
  • A clear sense of how to change the way you approach your personal problems and those in relationship, for the better. 

Ready to feel confident, connected and empowered in your life (and in your relationship)? I work with couples and individuals. Let’s connect. 

Why work with me?

My approach to therapy is collaborative and comprehensive; I draw on a variety of therapeutic modalities, a multitude of trainings, and a wealth of life experience to support you. 

As well, clients often tell me they appreciate my down to earth, practical approach. I share this to highlight that in sessions with me, you can expect real, practical advice (not easier-said-than-done platitudes) on how to overcome your insecurities, tackle your trust issues and make your relationships work. Whatever your goal in therapy, I am honored - and I will do my utmost - to get you there.

I’ve helped countless couples and individuals experience more confidence and clarity in their relationship and their lives. I can help you too. Let’s start today.

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At Bridge Counseling, we specialize in connecting you to your potential, allowing you to consciously design your best life. Our team brings the expertise to facilitate both the healing of counselling and results-oriented coaching to provide support for the educational and personal development of individuals, couples and families within the community. The best gift you could give yourself is the time to reflect and gain the clarity, skills and motivation needed to DESIGN the future you truly deserve! 



  • Individual
  • Family
  • Relationship and Sexual

We provide professional, confidential and respectful therapy. We help you connect to your potential. Whether you want to improve your relationship with yourself, your spouse, your family or your co-workers; we build on your strengths and help you resolve issues that are keeping you stuck.

Sexual intimacy is a natural and important aspect of marriage. We help you deal with intimacy issues in a sensitive and respectful manner.
Feedback Improved Therapy (FIT) can improve the effectiveness of therapy by 120%. We use FIT to help ensure our clients receive the help they need. READ MORE


  • Individual
  • Couple

Bridge Counseling’s coaching philosophy assumes that you already have within yourself the answers to the issues in your life. We coach you to achieve success, fulfillment, and balance in your relationships with loved ones, with friends and associates and with your self. We help you to accomplish the following:

  • Acknowledge and accept issues and problems you need to resolve
  • Break through self-deception causing you to blame others and remain stuck
  • Recognize fears blocking you from reaching your potential and living your dreams
  • Learn how to be mindful and understand how your negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs keep you stuck
  • Brainstorm and reflect on different perspectives to overcome blocks and work towards change
  • Accept absolute personal responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words and behaviors
  • Begin to live consciously by becoming present, positive focused, giving, forgiving and expressing gratitude
  • Identify and honor your core values and beliefs and live your life with a peaceful soul
  • Create a dynamic vision of the future to guide you as you reach for your potential
  • Develop a plan with specific goals and a system of personal accountability
  • Make an unconditional commitment to live each day with intention in order to move forward and create the life you will love

Marriage Preparation

Marriage preparation education created and facilitated by professional counsellors and is accepted by most churches as a prerequisite for marriage. Fun, interactive course taught by professional counselors. Participate to your comfort level. Learn and practice skills that will enhance your marriage. Certificate of Course Completion.

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