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Are you looking for someone who is willing to walk with you on your journey? Seeking counseling can be scary for many people, but making the decision to make the first appointment is the biggest hurdle you will have to overcome.
We are willing to offer you a safe, warm, caring, and honest environment where you can discuss your concerns, fears, goals, and successes.  We offer a positive, strengths-based perspective that will treat you as a unique human being struggling with unique (at least to you!) experiences and feelings.  You will not have to learn any kind of jargon or psychobabble.  Even though you will be discussing difficult matters, we will do everything we can to support you through your process.
Mimi da Silva, Ph.D. has over 30 years of counseling experience in a variety of settings, as well as college counseling, college teaching, and even some business background.  She is able to use these experiences to inform her work with adult individuals.  People who work with her or know her often describe her as "warm, empathetic, and wise."  She fervently believes that the answers to your problems reside in you and that her job is to help you uncover those answers.
Being a professional does not make one immune to the hurts, disappointments, or complexities of adult life.  Mimi is no exception to that rule.  She is able to use her life experience to be able to connect in a deeper way with the people she works with without sharing the intimate details of her life.  Most likely, you will find she is easy to talk with, and truly concerned about you as a person.   Her particular areas of expertise include coming out, life transitions, family issues, relationship issues, bereavement, children of same-sex parents, dealing with chronic physical illness, anxiety, depression, and stress management.
Julie Wikman, M.A. is a newer professional with five years experience.  She, too, provides a warm, caring, accepting environment where older children, adolescents, adults, and couples working on relationship issues can explore the challenges they face.  She is particularly skilled at working with adolescents struggling with anxiety - whether it be because of parental discord, test-anxiety, or facing the decisions related to college, career, or other choices.  She also enjoys working with older children (ages 7-12) who might be experiencing some kind of upheaval in their lives: perhaps a new sibling, a move, a new school, or a change in the family configuration.
We welcome the opportunity to work with you. 

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