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Roots of Resilience:

There is a certain magic that comes in meeting oneself at a deeper level – by sitting with emotions, finding meaning in the most difficult parts of our lives, and discovering one’s inner strength and beauty underneath the big emotions that life brings up.

Maybe you’re searching for meaning or purpose in your life; maybe you’re overwhelmed with stress or activities; maybe you’re recovering from a difficult experience or childhood; maybe you’re struggling to find the strength to keep going with a chronic illness. Life can be hard, and it can push us and challenge us in really difficult ways.

Perhaps you feel isolated or alone with your feelings or even feel like no one could ever understand. You may even have a mind that is judging you constantly. Whatever the stressor is that’s leading you to seek out support, you’re not alone and there is hope.

About Me:

I have six years of experience working with children in a childcare setting, and four years of experience providing group and individual therapy. I am passionate about guiding families, children and young adults through life’s conflicts and trials in order to reach their goals and transform their relationships. I value the uniqueness of each client and work within the framework of psychotherapy that best works for the individual’s needs. My clients would describe me as an excellent listener, compassionate, caring and willing to challenge them to live their best life. I am a results-driven therapist with a strong commitment to effect positive change in my clients’ lives. I also am a group facilitator and run workshops and groups focusing on self-worth, transformation and creative emotional expression.

My Specialties:

·       Stress and trauma

·       Holistic health and wellness

·       Managing chronic illness

·       Anxiety and depression

·       Tension in relationships

·       Grief and loss

·       Overwhelming life transitions

·       Finding meaning and purpose in life

Services offered:

·       Individual and group therapy

·       Children, adolescents, adults, seniors

Next Steps:

Finding a therapist that is a good fit for you is so important, and you deserve to work with someone who you feel safe, accepted and empowered with. Healing happens in the context of relationships, and this is an important factor for me in making sure you feel safe and supported enough to face the toughest parts of life. Together, we can do hard things.

I see you and your pain, and I provide a safe space for you to unpack it, understand it, and express it so that you have more room for joy and connection in your life.

If you’d like to know more about me, to see if I am a good fit for you, click on my website to get to know me a bit better, or book a free 30-minute phone consultation. I’d be honoured to share your journey.

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