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  • PhD clinical psychology
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  I have  a PhD in clinical psychology from Long Island University and have  been in private practice for the past fifteen years. I specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders. .I see individuals and couples helping them work on improving their interpersonal relationships while gaining greater insight into themselves as individuals.  My nurturing and warm personality makes patients feel immediately comfortable in my office. At the same time it is my highly professional approach which successfully helps individuals and couples learn skills, improving their quality of life and their relationships. I have a subspecialty dealing with women suffering from postpartum depression, helping to guide them and their significant other during their transition to parenthood. Using an eclectic, supportive, therapeutic model I help patients during challenging times, providing them with all the supportive resources possible.

I find individual therapy is beneficial not only in times of crisis but also as a means to improve the quality of one's everyday life. Understanding personal behavioral patterns that are helpful in successful living and defining those that are not are an important goal accomplished in our therapy sessions.  Highly successful with couples, I teach new avenues of communication in their relationship. Couples who have been on the brink of divorce have learned to weather the storm and create a mutual understanding and acceptance of one another during my therapy sessions. Often I help young adults navigate the dating process, discovering those traits that would be most suitable for a marriage partner. At the same time I help these young adults gain a greater sense of self and a recognition of the positive attributes they contribute to the relationship. Together we try to work through those traits or behavior patterns that are detrimental in forming meaningful  relationships. I'm an advocate for new and existing moms, supporting them through depression, anxiety or obsessive compulsive symptoms pre/post delivery. I validate the moms feelings of anxiety and depression helping them to navigate this huge transition in their lives. 

Our therapy together will focus on highlighting the good and positive aspects of each individual who steps into my office and learning how to leave behind those parts that  bring one down or back into dysfunctional behavior patterns.  We celebrate the individual and al the goodness they have to offer despite their past or their current difficulties. 
My vivacious, yet sensitive nature helps patients feel comfortable confiding in me to deal with many delicate issues. I have a high success rate whether I am treating individuals or couples. The majority of the postpartum women I treat recover fully, leading productive, symptom free lives. Many insurances accepted. Sliding scale offered.  

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