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I am not sure what you may be experiencing to bring you searching for a therapist but I imagine you would like to at the least feel better or have some relief of some sort. You may be thinking that if you go to counseling it means you are broken or wrong or weak or whatever it is you may believe.  But what if it’s not?  What if it doesn’t mean that all?  What if it actually means you just forgot who you are and how to be you?  What if all those things you think are a wrongness are actually a "strongness" just waiting to be accessed or remembered? What if those feelings of anxiety or anger or depression are telling you something that if you could figure it out would help it lessen or diminish? I’m not making any promises but what if something else is possible? Would you be interested in looking at and for the possibilities rather than the problems?  What if you could find a way to step away from the trauma and the drama? Would you be interested? 

If any of this sounds appealing or enticing to you then I might be the counselor for you.  I don’t think we are broken, wounded maybe, but not broken.  I think we have forgotten who we are or we have forgotten who we want to be.  We may have also forgotten our beings’ innate ability to heal and recover. When you work with me, we’ll take a holistic approach to figuring things out and to see what it would take for you to be more of who you really are or would like to be.  So, that means we will look at your strengths and what's going right and also what may not be going as great as you'd like.  We’ll also look at what happened to you rather than what’s wrong with you?  Doesn’t that seem better than feeling like you’re all screwed up? 

Counseling doesn’t have to be all seriousness, teary eyes, snot noses and sadness.  It can have elements of laughter and joy or feel like putting on your favorite pair of jeans, sipping a warm cup of coffee or enjoying a beautiful sunset.  Laughter heals.  Tears heal.  Being heard (truly heard) heals.  I wonder what else works for you?  If you’d like to know more and/or more about me, check out my website.

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