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  • Psychotherapist/Couples Counselor
  • 216 Dayton Street, 2nd Floor, Buzzer #1, Ridgewood, New Jersey, 07450
  • Phone: 2016476607
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  • Session Fees: Insurance and self pay arrangements are tailored to the indivdual needs of the patients and/or couple
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Webcam

I am a licensed clinical social worker by graduate training, and I have completed a 6 year postgraduate certificate program in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis.  I have worked as a psychotherapist and couples counselor for 20 years. I have written all the articles on my website and formerly taught as an adjunct professor at colleges and universities in NJ.  In 2017 I will publish a memoir that reflects how one goes about revising one's personal  narrative to open up new possibilities for placing your creative and meaningful signature on a life and a legacy that will live beyond you.
It is my inspired calling to help others reinvent themselves so they might make their visions for change, realities. I integrate psycho-dynamic, family systems, cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness concepts, i.e., meditation, into individually tailored treatment plans. I will support and work in harmony with patients sponsored by 12 step fellowship groups.
HealthyMindsets For Success are cultivated within the transitional space that is a safe and secure attachment
to a therapeutic ally.  When we are held in a container of compassion, curiosity, openness, and acceptance this "good enough" environment of support promotes greater integration and coordination of the many sides of ourselves.  We can better orchestrate our resources to creatively and adaptively meet life’s challenges.  
HealthyMindsetsFor Success are the mindsets indispensable to making our openness to the present moment a
passionate labor of love.  These are habits of excellence in how we care and show concern for ourselves and others
as dictated by the needs of the present moment. It doesn’t get much better than to approach the next meaningful moment with one’s open and undivided curious attention.  To string such moments of excellence together
is the process by which we create signature works of priceless value.  It’s not unlikA Meditation On Meditatione stringing pearls together to design a beautiful necklace.  
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