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When we come together, we initially spend some time to understand the nature of your concerns. If you experience a pressing psychological issue (i.e. Anxiety) that interferes with your ability to fulfill your life responsibilities (family & work functions), together we would apply therapeutic strategies that could help you feel emotionally more stable and regain your confidence in your ability to manage your distress. Such strategies may include mindfulness stress reduction, body-focused grounding interventions, EMDR, etc.
Sometimes you may need support in working through deeper psychological issues (i.e. Trauma) or relationship/personality dynamics that have affected your ability to have more meaningful relationships and/or flourish at work. These types of issues can best be addressed by a psycho-dynamic approach that helps you connect to sources of your suffering and unleash suppressed emotions that stifle your creativity and your capacity to bond in an intimate relationship.

In particular, I provide individual therapy for adults and adolescents who suffer from a wide range of issues including loss, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, and chronic illness. Furthermore, I offer couples counseling, and family therapy interventions informed by narrative, family systems and emotion-focused approaches.

I have provided psychological services to individual adults, adolescents, and children since 1995. I have received my Masters and Doctorate degrees in clinical psychology from the University of Toronto (1998). I am a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, Ontario Psychological Association, and the Toronto Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. In my most recent appointment, I worked as a staff psychologist at the university of Toronto. In my capacity as a psychologist, I provided individual, couple and group psychotherapy for university students and I supervised graduate interns. I have been affiliated with and consulted for various treatment centers across Toronto. I have teaching and research experiences in the areas of language development and attachment and personality correlates of aesthetic experience.    

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