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At a young age I was taught the importance of helping others. Being in a big family helped me to navigate different personalities and learn to set and achieve goals, something I bring to my counselling practice. I originally started University with a plan to go into psychology but after doing research I discovered the helping professions I was interested in required a social work degree, so I minored in psychology and switched my major to Social Work. I was able to work in the community with underprivileged youth and became the first undergraduate to be accepted into a graduate level practicum that involved counselling. From there,  I found my calling as a therapist/counsellor. I went on to get my graduate degree in clinical social work where my focus was on couples relationship. My case study I defended in graduate school helped contribute to a paper on Interracial Relationship and Pre-Marital Inventories, which was published in the Contemporary Family Therapy Journal.
In my graduate studies I learned about the therapeutic benefits of hypnosis and began focusing on specializing in hypnosis as part of my counselling practice. I've taken over 250 hours of training in the use of clinical hypnosis (training only for those with a counselling degree) and have specialized in hypnosis for fertility, birth (certified HypnoBirthing instructor) and post-natal (HypnoMothering). I currently sit on the board of the Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis. Although I am often sought out for hypnotherapy, I tailor my counselling towards what fits best for clients and also use different therapy modalities, such as solution focused, CBT, client focused therapy and emotion focused therapy for couples.  I only use therapy modalities that resonate with my clients and help the therapeutic process.
My goal for new clients is for them to feel comfortable, accepted and confident in myself and the counselling practice.  After the first session, we will begin to create concrete therapeutic goals and you will have clear steps to reach them. My role is to support, guide and empower. You can walk away from counselling feeling the time you invested in this process was well worth it and that you have skills and knowledge to handle future challenges.
I work with youth, adults, individuals, couples and families. I support and help people through varies challenges, such as loss and grief, major life changes, separation, divorce, couples counselling, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, health problems, including difficulties with sleep and more. Therapy is a investment of time, money, energy and emotion. I respect the importance of this decision and offer free 30 minute phone consultations where you can determine if this is a good fit. Fit with your therapist is one of the major contributors to success in counselling. I welcome the opportunity to chat with you, guide, help and empower you to work through your challenges to a more confident, fulfilled and happier today and tomorrow.

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