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Do you feel overwhelmed by work or family demands?

Do you find yourself saying "yes" to things that you really don’t have time or energy for?
Is self-doubt getting in your way?
 This can be a very lonely place -- it may feel like no one understands or is listening to you.

You might find yourself looking online for answers:
  • “How do I get my husband to listen?”
  • “I’m overwhelmed, what do I do?”
  • “I’m tired of being frustrated and irritated with people in my life”
  • “How do I get my kids to listen?”

It makes sense that you want your life to feel easier. You are probably someone who is seen as successful by others, someone is seen as kind and generous with your time, you may even be the parent that volunteers to drive carpool or make cupcakes.  Or you might be the parent who is so overwhelmed with the other demands of life that you do not drive carpool or make cupcakes and feel guilty about it! You maybe feel like you should but you just cannot do one more thing.
And yet, you don’t feel like things are working. You might even feel unappreciated despite all of your efforts….and
so tired of living like this. 
 I’m here to tell you that change is possible. 
 I help people just like you feel better.
It’s my job to help people just like you feel:
  • More connected in their lives
  • Respond more calmly to the people you love
  • More peace and harmony
  • Feel appreciated
  • Loved in their relationships
  • More patience
My name is Myra Bernecker and for the last 16 years, I have helped children and adults feel more connected in their relationships and happier in their lives. I understand first hand some of the challenges of full-time work, family life, and trying to do the very best for your family and your community! I work everyday at finding balance in my own life with nutrition, work, play, and exercise. I particularly enjoy skiing, practicing yoga and mindfulness, and watching live music.

 Call me today for a free 10 minute consultation to see how I can support you in getting the life that you want!

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