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  • Registered Social Worker
  • Broadway Centre 1440 Broadway Ave., REGINA, Saskatchewan, S4P 1E2
  • I will not be taking new clients until September 17, please check back then!
  • Phone: 306 519-7360

Children's Services

I absolutely love working with children and helping them resolve the issues they are dealing with when coming to counseling.  I can't say I have always felt that way.  When starting work in the counseling field during the 1970's, I would keep a box of crayons and some paper in my desk to occupy my client's children.  I didn't really know how to help children.  Even in private practice (1993-2002), the uncertainty led me to refer children elsewhere until I had an opportunity to learn about play therapy and witness the positive results of child-centered play.  Play is a way for a child to express their feelings and through the play they are able to then move towards resolving the issues that are bothering them.  

Obtaining a masters degree in social work and training at  Hincks-Dellcrest, a Children's Mental Health Centre in Toronto (2001-2003) on an supervised play therapy team of professionals, enabled me to develop confidence and skills to therapeutically enter a child's world of imagination. In my practice, evidence-based Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is utilized to address the trauma associated with witnessing domestic violence, accidental death of a parent or sibling, physical and/or sexual abuse, neglect and abandonment. The benefits of play therapy are also seen with separation and divorce, anxiety, depression, bullying, self-esteem and other issues that children face.

My play room is equipped with material to engage children and adolescents from 4 to 16 yrs of age. Children will be valued for their imagination and creativity as they express themselves through their play.   Art supplies, puppets, board games, dolls, clay and sandbox are some of the materials used.   For teens, we may talk more and use journaling, role-playing, games and books. 

My role is to create a safe environment for the expression of their inner most feelings and thoughts while providing direction towards the areas they are most concerned about.  Parental involvement is crucial in helping the child. Parents may be invited into the playroom and will have suggestions to follow at home.

Coaching in Play Therapy 
I am offering coaching in play therapy on the last Sunday of each month starting Sept 30, 2018.  Please contact me through my email on Theravive if you are interested.  Requirements include some previous training in Play therapy, experience with children and education in Social Work, Education or Early Childhood Education.
Feeling so passionate about helping children and their families it has guided my volunteer work in early childhood intervention and is currently the reason I am offering to coach professionals in how to do play therapy.  Teaching social work students about play therapy for the past 10 years in the BSW program at the University of Regina has introduced many to this valuable work with children and their families.With permission from the families I see, it is my hope they will embrace professionals who want to learn how to practice play therapy.

Couples and Families 

I also had the privilege of helping couples and families based on a Family-Centered Systems approach. I use a Strength-Based approach as well I am certified in Reality Therapy and Choice Theory (RTC). I have studied several different practice models in couple and family therapy including Emotion-Focused Therapy and John Gottman's Couple Therapy which enables me to fit the counseling to the client's unique needs.  Couples are encouraged to do homework and plan to achieve their personal and couple goals.  We have fun too as humor and laughter are important in the process. 

Couples who are separating should have a plan to co-parent their children.  This involves negotiating and mediating between the parents with the best interests of the child in the forefront.  Sometimes the conflict is too high between the parents and the circumstances call for a therapeutic approach.  Fair negotiation and good listening skills are my strengths when working with couples during this stressful period.

Individual Psychotherapy

With over 30 yrs experience in counseling individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression, grief and/or anticipatory grief, disordered eating, addictions, self-esteem issues and relationship issues, I provide a warm and safe environment to explore and develop a plan to move forward. In addition, I completed level 1 training with Dr. David Burns, author of Feeling Good and international trainer in treating anxiety and depression.

Change can be difficult, but with the right person to guide the process, it can be worth it in the end.  I would be honored to help you achieve your goals.
Note: I have eligibility with Non-Insured Health Benefits through Health Canada.  I require a treaty number and prior approval to access my counselling services.   

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