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  • Psychotherapist, Clinical Sexologist
  • 116 West 23rd St, New York, New York, 10011
  • Phone: 212-343-7008
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  • Session Fees: From $75 to $175 per person per session
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  • Online-counseling methods: Webcam

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MyTherapist New York was founded in 2003 by Dr. Michael DeMarco, clinical sexologist and psychotherapist. We have made it our goal to offer modern, effective therapy for individuals, couples counseling (relationship counseling, family therapy, marital counseling and pre-marital therapy), and sex therapy for the 21st century.  That means we want to help you get better, not just FEEL better, and we want to make that as convenient for you as possible.
Our staff are all clinicians working under supervision towards licensure or independently licensed as mental health counselors and/or marriage and family therapists, and have a vested interest in helping you (yes YOU) identify how you're story might be keeping you stuck, how to identify the problem areas, re-write that story from now going forward and get you on the way to making lasting change. This is not quick and easy, but this is also not the psychoanalysis of yore that you've seen on TV. 
We use the original type of cognitive behavioral therapy called rational emotive behavior therapy, the work of the late Dr. Albert Ellis (a New Yorker!). This approach is evidence-based and is hugely effective for a number of individual, interpersonal and relational issues that inevitably arise from being a flawed and totally normal human on the planet. Our practice has gone one step further and uses a measuring scale before and after each session so we can actually track how effective our work together is. If it's not working for you, we try to correct that, or we refer you out to find someone who might be a better fit for you.
Therapy is not magical or forced morality. It's the clinical application of psychological tools to help you work towards feelings, thoughts and behaviors that are constructive and working for you instead of against.
Are you ready for insight AND change? Our billing and scheduling is all electronic, and we offer a limited number of free consultations by phone, webcam or in the office. We also have a generous sliding scale that ranges from $75 to $175 per person per session- well below what other practices charge for the middle of Manhattan.  Why let things get worse than they are now until they get out of hand?  Book a session with one of our therapists today! 

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