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  • Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)
  • 9131 Keele St. Unit A4, Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 0G7
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      460 Brant Street Suite 200
      Burlington, , L7R 4B6
  • Phone: 647-287-9031
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  • Session Fees: $100-130. Sliding scale fees are available.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

Nalin Bisnath is committed to providing tools and strategies to address your mental health issues and to develop your internal strengths. I believe that mental health is not just about repairing problems but also discovering one's strengths. My goal as a psychotherapist is to enrich, empower and elevate by using therapeutic modalities that are suited to the individual's  unique personalities and life experiences.

Guided by the tenets of patience, authenticity and mindfulness, my goal in psychotherapy is two fold; assist individuals and couples on their journey toward building awareness, compassion, understanding, respect, empathy and acceptance toward oneself and others. The second goal is to reduce the stigma attached to mental health. I understand and applaud the courage to engage in therapy which is why I cultivate an environment that is not only non-judgmental but also enables individuals to be their authentic selves.   

Nalin Bisnath can help you with: 

¨     * Anxiety 

¨     *Depression 

¨     *Trauma related stresses

¨     *Self-esteem issues 

¨     *Burnout 

¨     *Grief 

¨     *Couples Therapy

Benefits of Therapy with Nalin Bisnath

¨     *Reduction in physical and mental stress

¨     *Increased  self-confidence

¨     *Work/life balance

¨     *Fulfilling and meaningful life

¨     *Overcoming depression and anxiety 

Nalin Bisnath utilizes the following therapeutic modalities

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy- Helps you to examine your thought patterns so that moving forward you make decisions from a less fearful place

Mindfulness Based CognitiveTherapy- A combination of Cognitive Therapy with Mindfulness strategies in order to help individuals better understand and manage their thoughts and emotions in order to achieve relief from feelings of distress. 

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy- An evidenced based psychotherapy which helps individuals cope with intense and sudden emotions. Skills and techniques are provided in order to improve inter-personal effectiveness, distress tolerance  and emotional regulation. 

Emotion Focused Therapy- An evidence based approach which brings greater awareness of emotions for ourselves and those around us thus fostering a better understanding in relationships. As a result individuals and couples are able to effectively cope with, regulate and transform emotions. 

Psychotherapy- Engaging in talk therapy in a safe and non-judgmental environment so that individuals can gain tools and strategies for an enriching and empowering life. 


$100- Individuals (12 years and up)

$130- Couples

For individuals experiencing financial difficulties a sliding scale fee is negotiable 

Insurance plans accepted include Green Shield, Great West Life and Sun Life


In person at 10211 Yonge St. Suite 206 or online

647-287-9031 or email at


Bachelor Arts in Psychology from York University

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Yorkville University

PhD, Psychology (2021) Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Nalin Bisnath Reaches

Richmond Hill ON
Vaughan ON