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  • Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • #4 456 Woodview Road, Burlington, Ontario, L7N 2Z9
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  • Session Fees: My fees are flexible and my first concern is responding to my client's needs. Many insurance policies are now covering my fees.

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My work is holistic. I work intuitively and with moment to moment flexibility.  Just like all areas of your life are  important, I will guide you in all avenues of inquiry; involving your body, mind and spirit.  Healing happens on each level and they work synergistically. Our time together will be guided by what arises organically. Our minds are conditioned in childhood through our family and culture to think and react in particular ways.  These conditioned reactions can create frozen energy in our bodies that restrict and block the flow of life.  As your unfolding occurs, these energies can be released to provide vitality and a better quality of life. will honour the miracle of presence and of
the creative intelligence we all have access.  Even simple steps can be powerful and life changing.

The many impacts of the stresses of life and relationship struggles.  
Lets look at one particular example of something that would lead an individual  to seek a therapist.  It could be anything that you want to change.
As an example you may be feeling depressed.  The difference between depression and pain is often misunderstood.  We get stuck in a process that should come to a natural completion.  We get stuck because our environment does not encourage us to respect our feelings, to honour our process and to discover our own way to live.  I believe no one would suffer depression if they could express themselves fully and be heard.  Therapy can teach you how to receive this respect, then you naturally begin to give yourself the compassion and understanding you need to allow your process to reach completion.  To remember or rediscover emotions, from laughter to anger to tears; To allow flow to replace the fear that fed the depression and hopelessness.
It takes courage to face our fears and to make a decision to look for change in our lives.  If you have come to a place where you have had enough and want to expand you experience of living to include more hope awareness joy and peace then reaching out to a therapist can be a great turning point.
Together we will use many modalities on your journey.  You will be the guide when it comes to the decisions about what feels comfortable to you.  As well as talking we can look at dream work, art therapy, role playing or any other route that feels comfortable.
I am looking forward to meeting you and to being a part of  your  journey to wholeness and to a life free of the those things that act as blinders to your happiness.

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