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At Nassau Wellness Brooklyn we understand that each teen and each family has unique needs and challenges. Our experienced therapists provide comprehensive therapeutic services that best suite the needs of the whole family system, not just the teen. We work collaboratively with the teen, their family, and their other care providers including  psychiatrists, pediatricians, and schools, to provide the most holistic care that produces sustainable improvements for the whole family. 

We provide services in various modalities to accommodate the needs of busy New York City families. Our services include:
Office-Based Therapy for Teens and their Families
We provide individual evidence-based therapy and coaching for teens, family therapy, and parent-child therapy in our office. Sessions are held weekly for either 45- or 90-minutes.
Common issues we addressed:
  • Practical skills for coping with anxiety, depression, and ADHD
  • Chronic parent-child conflict 
  • Oppositional, defiant, and out of control behavior 

Office-Based and Phone-Based Therapy for Parents
We provide individual and/or couples therapy focused on parenting skills and effectiveness.  Sessions are held weekly for 45- or 90-minutes. 
Common issues addressed:
  • Psycho-education around child’s diagnosis and the right support they need now
  • Effective communication training
  • Getting on the same page as parents and managing couples relationship issues that get in the way of parenting 

Home-Based Therapy
For families in which the teen has had difficulty generalizing the skills learned in therapy to other environments (ex: home, school), we provide home-based individual, family, and parent-child therapy. This modality also allows us to work with the family in-vivo, and tailor interventions   Sessions are held weekly for 60-, 90-, or 120-minutes. 
Common issues addressed:
  • School refusal and difficulties with social integration
  • Child with multiple diagnoses 
  • Chronic high conflict in the family   

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