Natalie Thomas, BA, MA, PHD, MACP (Candidate)

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I use an integrative and holistic approach suited to the person I'm working with, depending on their own goals and preferences. My background in philosophy also gives me familiarity with existential issues and ethical dilemmas, and I bring a lot of life experience to my work. I'm drawn to working with people through my own compassion for others and their suffering.

As a professor, and as a student and graduate student for many years, I can appreciate the stress, anxiety and depression that can affect people in post secondary institutions. Having also worked as an advisor for students with disabilities, I can also appreciate the diverse challenges that students can face. Seeing all sides of the educational system provides me with a unique perspective that can be useful for those working within it.
My own research background focuses on environmental and animal ethics, and as such, I also have compassion for those who feel deep concern and empathy for animals and nature, which can sometimes lead activists to feel overwhelmed or burned out. I can provide space for those feeling overwhelmed by our climate and eco crisis and who feel grief and loss in relation to their own companion animals and nonhuman life more broadly.
Feeling listened to and cared for is the basis of therapy, and I have found a lot of healing for myself in therapy. To share these benefits with others I've trained in a number of approaches to therapy including:
  • compassion-focused
  • mindfulness meditation
  • person-centred
  • humanistic
  • strength-based
  •  CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
  • mindful modalities including ACT and DBT
  • parts work
  • Gottman couple therapy

I also incorporate existential and contemplative forms of psychotherapy for those wanting to investigate questions or issues around life's meaning and purpose, and those interested in learning therapeutic mindfulness meditation techniques.

Nature-based therapies and eco therapy, including activities like 'walk and talk' therapy and mindful forest bathing are also important elements of my approach and we can discuss these options in our sessions.

I have also completed an 8-week Compassion Cultivation Training course and the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course that inform my work, as do mindful self-compassion practices that have been shown to assist in healing feelings of shame and that improve resiliency.

Elements of positive psychology are also included in my approach, as is bibliotherapy.

I can provide support to you as you heal and address issues like:

Loss, grief and bereavement
Pet loss
Existential issues, meaning and purpose
Eco and climate anxiety and grief
Stress, burnout and compassion fatigue
Support for post-secondary students, faculty and staff
Couples therapy
I have a BA, MA, PHD in Philosophy and am an MA candidate in Counselling Psychology. I also have numerous certificates and trainings in mindfulness meditation, grief counselling, trauma and specific therapeutic approaches like ACT, DBT and more. Please review my website for more information.

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