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·        Are you struggling to keep your relationship together?

·        Are you looking to improve your communication with your partner?

·        How do you survive the infidelity in a relationship?

·        How do go on with your life after you lose someone you love?

·        Have you ever felt like no one around you understands or accepts you just because you feel differently, look differently, and speak differently?

·        Do you ever feel like you cannot control your anger?

·        Do you ever get overwhelmed with worries and anxiety?

·        Do you feel like your teenage child doesn’t understand you and constantly challenges you?

·        Do you feel like you are at a crossroad and need some guidance in figuring out what to do next?

Natalya Fateyeva, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Senior Associate Professor has experience of 25 years and knowledge of working with people of different ages and a variety of ethnic backgrounds and is committed to finding the answers to the above questions by working closely with you and figuring out together what works best for you in your individual situation.

About Natalya Fateyeva’s, LMFT Approach

·        I am interactive and engage clients in comfortable conversation, while helping them build on their strengths and accomplish their goals of therapy. My clients find this personalized approach very effective, since every person is different and requires a therapy plan customized to his/her needs and wishes.

Philosophy and Benefits of Counseling with Natalya Fateyeva, LMFT

·        A healthy and long lasting marriage takes a lot of work: commitment, effort, and compromise. It certainly takes both partners to equally contribute to it. I have been married for over 25 years and can help you get to the root of the issues that might arise during your marital relationship. Are you ready to figure out what would make YOUR marriage healthy and long lasting? Give me a call today!

Natalya Fateyeva, LMFT can help you with:

·        Couple’s Therapy

·        Family Therapy

·        Individual Therapy: Anxiety and Depression

·        Adolescent Therapy

·        Grief Counseling

·        Hypnotherapy

·        Anger Management

·        Career Counseling

·        Same Sex Couple’s Therapy

·        Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Couple’s Therapy


·        Master’s of Science In Family Therapy, Nova Southeastern University

·        Master’s of Science In TESOL, Florida International University

·        Bachelor’s of Arts In Liberal Arts and in English, Florida International University

·        Natalya Fateyeva, LMFT has been practicing marriage and family therapy since 2010.


·        12505 Orange Drive, Suite 406, Davie, Florida 33330

·        Call to Schedule Your First Appointment: 954-707-8520

·        Visit her website for more information

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