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Welcome to Ottawa Family Therapy!

Building stronger connections and stronger families

We are a group of 7 therapists working to meet your therapy needs in the west end of Ottawa. Family Therapy 's main office is conveniently located minutes off the 417 in Kanata. We offer psychotherapy and counselling services at 4 locations across the Ottawa area. Our qualified Ottawa Therapy Team at Family-Therapy consists of Shelley Colter, Sandra Martins, Heather Ripley, Melissa Hooper, Greg Hill, Kelly Savage and Nataxja Cini. Our counselling services are covered by most third party health insurance plans. We are offer day and evening appointments. We do accept referrals from family doctors. You can also self refer for therapy. 

Nataxja Cini, MSW RSW, is an empathic therapist, who ensures that you feel accepted and comfortable in talking about your personal issues. Nataxja’s primary speciality is relationship and marriage counselling, providing therapy that helps restore trust and harmony into your relationship. Her goal is to help strengthen your relationship, improve communication skills and help you learn how to reduce tension and conflict. She is experienced helping couples work together after the discovery of an affair. Nataxja’s secondary speciality is working with people to overcome depression and anxiety. Nataxja is currently accepting new clients at our Kanata location.

Shelley Colter, RP, is an experienced psychotherapist specializing in individual and couple counselling for older teens and adults. Shelley is our PTSD and trauma specialist who works with current or retired military personnel, first responders, and their families. She has experience working with individuals and their families to overcome on the job trauma. She is also helps individuals address childhood and adult sexual trauma. She enjoys working with individuals to help them overcome and explore how anger negatively impacts their lives and relationships. Shelley works with the GBLTQ community regarding any personal or relationship issues, sexuality, and other sexual issues. Shelly is accepting new day and evening clients. Shelley offers services both here in Kanata and in the Sandy Hill area. 

Kelly Savage, LCSW RSW, is our children, teen and family specialist. She brings with her over 30 years of experiencing working with children and teen’s mental health issues & providing families and step parents practical counselling and family life skills. Kelly works with families, whether intact, families going through a separation or divorce or stepfamilies, providing them with skills they can use towards enhancing their communication, planning, effective parenting and co-parenting skills. Together, she can assist you and your family, develop purposeful goals that achieve positive measurable outcomes for you, your children and your family. Kelly has years of experience helping parents develop new co parenting plans and skills as they go through separation and divorce. She provides children and teens with skills to help them transition through the separation and divorce process. She has experience helping individuals of all ages learn to overcome childhood trauma. Kelly is currently accepting new clients at our Kanata location.

Melissa Hooper, RP, is an experienced psychotherapist who works with individuals and couples to overcome intimacy issues within their relationship. She has a keen interest in helping people find the most fulfillment and happiness in their life, and works with you individually, as a couple or with your family to resolve the obstacles you may be facing in achieving your goals. For Melissa, effective therapy is practical, client driven and emotionally meaningful.  Managing busy family life can be difficult but you may also be dealing with ex-spouses and step-parenting which can add to your frustrations and marital conflict. Seeking family counselling and having an experienced objective therapist to consult with can be helpful for you, your partner and your family. Melissa is currently accepting both day and evening clients at our Kanata location.

Sandra Martins is an experienced therapist who works with individuals and couples. As the spouse of a veteran, Sandra has a special interest in working with military individuals, couples, and families. Sandra is also passionate about working with individuals and couples in the grieving and healing process after the loss of a child or a miscarriage. Sandra aims to create a comfortable atmosphere during therapy and puts a great emphasis on monitoring the progress and outcome of your therapy to ensure that therapy is benefiting you and your partner. Sandra is currently accepting new clients at our Kanata and Nepean locations.


Greg Hill, RP, is an experienced licensed clinical therapist who works with youth, individuals and couples. He has over 10 years of experience working with children and adolescents. He has a personal affinity for working with individuals who have ADHD or ADD. He finds collaborating with parents vital to counselling adolescents and youth. Greg is currently accepting new clients at our Kanata and Barrhaven locations.
Heather Ripley, MSW RSW,  is a passionate therapist who works with individuals (17 years and older) and couples. Heather creates a safe space for clients to feel free to share there concerns in a non-judgemental environment. Her hope is you will experience her as warm, compassionate, gentle, and understanding therapist. Heather is passionate about supporting individuals to live the best life possible for themselves. Heather enjoys working with clients who are struggling with anxiety, anger, grief, depression or sadness. She is currently accepting new clients at our Kanata location.

The Therapy Team at Family-Therapy in Ottawa works with individuals, children, youth, couples, families, and blended families, on a wide range of issues such as;

• Affairs and Infidelity

• Aging Issues

• Anxiety

• Anger and Anger Management

• Assertiveness

• Bereavement & Loss

• Blended or Step Families

• Boundaries and Assertiveness

• Childhood Trauma (sexual assault, psychological trauma, physical trauma)

• Child Custody and Access Consultation and Assessments

• Conflict

• Coping with Change

• Communication Issues

• Couples Counselling

• Cross Cultural Issues

• Dating and Relationships for individuals and couples of all ages

• Depression

• Divorce and Separation Support for You and Your Children

• Family Conflict Parents and Teens, Sibling, Intergenerational or Adult Conflict

• Forgiveness

• GBLT Issues - How to talk to your Parents, Friends, Family, coming out, relationship issues, couples, work or school issues

• Guilt

• Hurt and Pain after an Affair, Breakup or Divorce

• Infertility

• Men's Issues

• Overcoming Grief and Loss

• Pre-marital counselling

• Parenting

• Procrastination

• Relationships Skills or Issues

• School Issues & Peer pressure

• Self esteem

• Self Harming Behaviours

• Senior Issues

• Separation and Co-Parenting

• Shyness

• Stress

• Social Skills

• Trauma and Abuse

• Life Transitions (leaving home, homesickness, separation, break up, divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of your job)

Our first goal at Family-Therapy is to listen and understand your unique situation. We strive to help you move positively along the path of positive growth and well being. Our therapists can provide you with support, problem-solving skills, and coping strategies for issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship troubles, unresolved childhood issues, grief, stress management, divorce, and interpersonal relationships. Many people find that working with a counsellor can be a tremendous asset to managing personal growth, family concerns, marriage issues, and the hassles of daily work and home life. Call us today at 613-287-3799 and see what a difference speaking with a therapist may make in your life.

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