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Feel Better and Understand Yourself

Despite all that you have been through and achieved, you get the feeling something is missing or "off" in your life. A recent life transition, relationship or work challenge may be making it clear that some things are not working. You may notice that you end up playing a familiar role in some of your relationships and this creates a "stuck" feeling. At times you feel worried, pressured or confused and you may be resorting to addictive patterns or substances in order to cope. You don't want to feel like you are "not enough," anxious or stressed out. You want to feel better and be better with yourself and others.

Within the framework of Holistic Somatic Psychotherapy I offer a warm and supportive presence so you can explore whats difficult, hone your strengths and gain simple yet powerful mind/body tools. Teaching your brain, body and emotions to work together in new ways, I can help you get free from negative patterns and experiences and move forward in your life.

What is a therapy session with me like?

In a session we will study and tinker with how you do life, creating a safe place to slow down and be present with what is happening with your whole self.  We will identify areas, patterns or ways of being and relating that are making it challenging for you to realize what you want for yourself, your life or your relationships. We will also explore, expand and hone what is working for you, building on your strengths. Together we will help you cultivate more ease with yourself and fulfillment in your relationships.  We will support you to be like the person you most want to be in this world.

I have extensive experience working successfully with:

·                Anxiety and Stress

·                Intimate Relationships

·                Addictions (Substance, Food, Internet, Sex, Porn, etc.)

·                Depression, Low Self-Esteem

·                Trauma and Abuse

·                Family Issues

·                Anger Management

·                Cross Cultural Issues

·                Sexuality

·                Shame

In couples counseling, I support partners with challenges related to:

·                Loss of Passion

·                Communication Issues

·                Emotional Disconnection

·                Sexual Difficulties

·                Intimacy Issues

·                Infidelity

·                Money Issues

·                Parenting Conflict

·                Navigating personal trauma histories

·                Cross-cultural Relationships

About Me

I am a California Licensed Somatic Psychotherapist who works with individuals, couples and teens to explore what is holding them back so they can live a more easeful and fulfilling life.  My style is warm and nonjudgmental, challenging and compassionate, strategic and intuitive.  

I have a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and participate in ongoing research and study of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and am an active community member and consultee of the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California (PINC).  My Somatic Psychotherapy approach is influenced by Depth Psychotherapy, Hakomi, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Gestalt, Formative Psychology, Dance Therapy and Relational Therapy.  I am also engaged in ongoing consultation and study of relational psychoanalytic psychotherapy with Dr. Janet Linder.

I have worked in many settings as a therapist, coach and mentor. I was a psychotherapist intern serving adults, adolescents and couples at the Center for Somatic Psychotherapy and the Liberation Institute in San Francisco, CA; a substance abuse counselor at the Bay Area Addiction and Research Association; a Therapeutic Behavioral Coach for children and teens at Youth Homes, Inc. in Pleasant Hill, CA and a Psychotherapist for School Aged Children and their Families with A Better Way, Inc. in Oakland, CA.  I have more than two decades of experience working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

I moved to California from Shanghai, China where I worked for 8 years as a Corporate Marketing Professional and cultural bridge for several American corporations including Gibson Guitar Corporation and Panasonic Electronics Company. I understand the very real challenges involved in navigating a professional career while maintaining relationships, physical and emotional health in today's complicated world. Prior to this career, I worked as a touring musician and A&R tour manager. The arts, the wisdom of the body and a deep respect for and practice of social activism inform my creative and relatable practice of psychotherapy.   I am also a dedicated meditator, dancer and yoga practitioner and have served as a workshop trainer for STAND- White Men for Racial, Gender and Economic Justice. I appreciate that and hold space for those who wish to grow how they are with themselves and become more insightful, aware and confident in their relationship with their community and planet.

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