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Finding the Right Fit

Life is hard, and finding a counselor can be hard too. It is crucial to work with a therapist that you trust and with whom you feel a good fit. I offer a fee-free initial consultation in order for you to get a sense for who I am and how I work. Your fit with your counselor is essential so I want to make sure you are confident about moving forward with me before you commit your time and money to this process.

I have degrees from Duke and Wake Forest and credentials from the National Board of Certified Counselors and the State of North Carolina, but what matters most to me is providing you with a safe and understanding place for you to explore your concerns and receive informed guidance and feedback.
You can learn a little more about how I work with couples and individuals by reading below. 

Building Connection

I am enthusiastic about helping couples to grow closer, develop more emotional intimacy, create more sexual satisfaction and deepen their bonds of love and trust. Often partners come in feeling as though they are on opposite teams. One partner may feel neglected, anxious, dismissed, unheard or unseen while the other partner may feel attacked, overwhelmed, confused, and like nothing they do will be good enough, like nothing they do can make their partner happy.

 This pattern can leave both partners feeling disconnected and alone. I help couples recover from these destructive patterns and actually experience more trust and intimacy in the process. This leads to more security, peace, connection, sexual well-being, and joy in the relationship. 

 I utilize Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)  facilitate this process. EFT is the most effective intervention for couples by far, and I enjoy introducing my couples to this dynamic and compassionate process.


The Journey Within

 Often individual clients come to me in a moment of crisis, but the questions that arise are deeper and more profound than their immediate circumstances.  They wonder about the purpose of their lives and they search for their own sense of creativity and vitality. They may feel that there is an inner journey that needs to be taken, pathways that need to be explored.  Sometimes they cannot explain clearly what is missing or what is needed. 

 I utilize approaches that mix contemporary cognitive behavioral interventions with the wisdom of depth psychology. This creates an environment that can respond to the practical needs of the moment, while making room for the deeper questions of the heart and soul.


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