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Includes: 30 minute live chat and 5 emails

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, sad, tired, frustrated , or worried, then please contact me to set up a free 15 minute live chat to see if online counseling is right for you!
Online counseling is something different and exciting. You may have questions or concerns and not really understand how counseling is done through email or live chat, but I can answer all these questions for you. I believe that once you give counseling online a try, you will find it to be extremely beneficial and fit perfectly into your life.

Please review some of the areas I have worked on successfully with others using online counseling.
  • Depression                                           
  • Anxiety            
  • Boundary Issues            
  • Motivation            
  • Self Esteem          
  • Stress Management            
  • Confidence          
  • Relationships            
  • Emotional Conflicts          
  • Career Difficulties          
  • Parenting          
  • Problem Solving            
  • Goal Setting            
  • Trauma            
  • ADHD            
  • Divorce            
  • Coping with Grief and Loss            
  • Sex Related Issues            
  • Guilt/Shame            
  • Communication            
  • Sleep Difficulties 

 A little about myself....
I graduated from West Virginia University with my Bachelors degree in Psychology. I went to three different graduate schools until I found the one that was for me at Carlow University. It was there that I obtained my Masters degree in Professional Counseling. People often look at counselors and think we have life all figured out because of what we do, but I assure you, we are human and have the same types of difficulties that everyone else faces. I have faced challenges, and will continue to throughout my whole life. Most certainly I feel that my life experiences have shaped me into the counselor that I am today. I cannot even begin to share all the ways that it has, but my hope is that you'll find our time together to be comfortable and safe from judgment.  
   What are some benefits of online counseling? 
Online counseling offers many advantages. Some benefits of online counseling are that it is....
  • Convenient
  • Accessible
  • Affordable
  • You can compose messages in a thoughtful manner
  • Does not go through insurance
  • Eliminates social stigma
  • Anonymous
  • Offers a few different ways to communicate
  • Research shows it to be as effective as face to face counseling
  • No diagnosis needed
  • Can review past conversations/messages
 Is counseling for me? 
I believe that everyone can benefit from online counseling. Online counseling in particular can be extremely beneficial for people who may be uncomfortable with traditional therapy or unable to fit another appointment into their already busy schedule. I have worked with 100's of clients over the past year using online counseling with much success. I encourage you to give online counseling a try, or at the very least send me a message with any questions or concerns you may have. I am more than happy to answer anything I can for you. 
  How do I start?  
    At Flourish Online Counseling, which is my private practice, I offer many counseling options. I have one package specific to new clients who want to give online counseling a try. The reason I have this is because I understand online counseling can sound too good to be true, or you may think it will not be "real" counseling, but I assure you it is, and I want you to try it out! 
Please feel free to send me an email directly through this site, or visit my private practice site listed on this page and ask me any questions you may have. I will happily reply and we can discuss what options may work for you. If you know you want to start counseling, visit my website listed on my page and click on "Schedule an Appointment." From there, you will be directed to a website where you will register and create your own virtual office. You are not required to purchase anything when you register an account. 
 Thank you for considering me to be your counselor! 

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