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  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • 807 Ridge Road, Suite 206, Webster, New York, 14580
  • Phone: (585)210-3663
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  • Session Fees: Fees are based on a sliding scale and range from $70-$110 per session for individuals and $90-$130 for couples. I do NOT accept insurance.

You have probably arrived at my site because you are deeply grieving a significant loss, you are struggling to communicate your thoughts and needs effectively, you’re feeling so hurt or angry that you just scream hurtful things at the people you love, or you struggle whenever memories of past traumatic events surface. Stop suffering. You can work through this; I can help.

My expertise in grief and loss, effective communication, trauma, and public safety enables me to effectively help you work through your grief, trauma, anger, frustration, isolation, anxiety, and sadness in a compassionate, non-judgmental way. I work with most adult populations however, my specialty populations people who are grieving, people working hard to improve their relationships, emergency first responders, people who have Borderline Personality Disorder, and their loved ones.

Having served in the field of Fire and EMS for 20 years, I am able to greatly understand the struggles and emotional needs of public safety personnel as well. While emergency personnel often struggle with traumatic memories, depression, anger, relationship problems, and insomnia, emergency first responders are some of the least likely individuals to seek emotional support. I offer effective therapy interventions to fire, EMS, and law enforcement personnel.

My personality and my life experiences are my greatest assets as a therapist. After I have worked to gain your trust, I will work to truly understand you. I will also challenge you to identify how you get in your own way and explore how you can remove some of the barriers to feeling safe, sure, confident, and happy. This part of your work will frustrate you at times but you deserve work with a therapist who is genuine, compassionate, and strong enough to challenge you even when it pisses you off.

I offer individual therapy, relationship therapy, and various workshops and trainings including:

Walking with Borderline Personality Disorder (for friends and family members of those diagnosed with BPD)
The Art of Showing Genuine Interest with Delicate Questioning (for people who strive to improve their relationships)
The Art of Showing Genuine Interest with Delicate Questioning (for professionals in the helping professions and their students)
Good Grief: An Introduction to Grief and Grief Therapy
Promoting Wellness in Emergency First Responders: A Wellness Workshop for police, fire, and EMS.

I do not take insurance due to my desire to cater to my client’s needs rather than the demands of insurance companies. I do utilize a thoughtful sliding scale for all clients entering therapy with me. If you are ready, willing, and financially able to invest in a therapist who specializes in grief/loss, trauma, communication, people with BPD, and emergency first responders, I encourage you to reach out to me. I look forward to meeting you.
 I am excited to share that I am now working out of 2 offices; Greece/North Gates and Webster NY!!! When you call, please specify your preferred location! 

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