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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • 95 Allen's Creek Rd Executive Square Office Building 1 Suite 326 , Rochester, New York, 14618
  • Phone: (585) 734-1441
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Have you found yourself experiencing:

Low Energy
Loss of Sexual Desire
Unstable Relationships
High Levels of Stress
If so, you are not alone! I want you to know there is hope and help!  
Do you find yourself thinking/saying
Why do I feel so empty
I can't believe this happened to me
People tell me I am a great person, so why am I still alone?
I am so tired of feeling like.......
How do I move on from....
It seems like I keep picking the same type of person in every relationship
There are so many stressors in life today!  You are not alone with facing any of the above challenges.  Sometimes we want to resolve our issues alone, but we can get stuck.  That is where a therapist like me can help you work through whatever you are experiencing, to gain new insight and different solutions to achieve your happiness and goals.  
Regardless of the issues you are experiencing, I want to help!  In fact that is why I am here.  You want to feel better and I want you to as well.
Call today to start feeling better and begin living the life YOU WANT! 585.734.1441 
Marriage Therapy
Counseling Adoptive Families
Postpartum Depression
Fertility Issues
Grief and Loss
Sexual Issues
Anger Issues 

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