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Have you found yourself struggling with feeling down, worried, stuck, stressed, or just not like yourself? Are you looking for someone to sit with you, listen to you, and provide support and guidance as you find relief and develop healthier ways of thinking and feeling? Whether your concerns are new or if they have been lingering for far too long, I hope to help you move away from pain and towards healing, growth, and improved relationships. I specialize in treating anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, relationship difficulties, trauma, and adjustment concerns related to life transitions such as graduation, divorce, relocation, parenting or career change. Special interests include working with young professionals, couples in which one or both partners have experienced trauma, and individuals seeking to further explore their identity. I also conduct psychological testing for career/vocational indecision, attention and learning differences, and emotional concerns for children and adults. 
My approach to therapy is strengths-based and strongly values a collaborative relationship between the therapist and client. While working toward your goals, you can expect a safe and non-judgmental environment characterized by kindness, compassion, and genuineness throughout your therapy journey.
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