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North Shore OCD Women’s Treatment Center provides you with expert, high-quality and personalized treatment. Sessions will be conducted with a PhD-level psychologist, trained in highly-ranked programs with over 15 years of experience. Specializing exclusively in the treatment of OCD in adult women allows us to focus 100% on the latest knowledge and highly-effective techniques that will likely work best for you. We specialize in all subtypes of OCD. We are passionate about supporting and encouraging you to defeat OCD symptoms and regain control of your life. 

Exposure and Response Prevention is the primary treatment technique used and is the gold standard for OCD treatment. In ERP, we will guide you in a step-by-step process of exposing yourself to the thoughts and situations that are triggering your distress- without allowing a compulsion to stop the distress. Without the compulsive behaviors you will habituate to the distress and break the OCD cycle.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy skills will focus on changing unhelpful thoughts and behaviors and developing personal coping strategies.
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy skills can help you experience your thoughts, feelings and sensations while still doing the things you value in your life. 
Psychologist, Advocate, Speaker, Author

Dr. Fine will be presenting at the International OCD Foundations's 2022 Online OCD Conference:
Adult Women with OCD Community Discussion Group: Offering a Safe, Warm, Welcoming & Supportive Space
Perinatal OCD Group: Offering Moms-To-Be and New Moms a Safe, Warm, Welcoming & Supportive Space
Dr. Kathi Fine Abitbol received her degree from a Ph.D. program that was deemed an NIH Program of Excellence in Scientifically Validated Behavioral Treatment. She continued her advanced cognitive behavioral training at the University of Michigan. Dr. Fine is a member of the International OCD Foundation and the OCD Midwest Case Consultation Group.

Dr. Fine has helped clients with OCD at numerous locations including the Washington University School of Medicine, Rogers Memorial Hospital, the Anxiety Treatment Center of Greater Chicago, and the University of Michigan.

Dr. Fine published a New Harbinger workbook, presented on exposure therapy at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America national conference and has a first-author publication in the journal Cognitive and Behavioral Practice.

Dr. Fine has been accepted into the PSYPACT Commission, which reflects high standards and competencies and grants her the authority to practice interjurisdictional telepsychology in all Psypact states. Acceptance requires a doctorate degree in psychology from a program accredited by the APA, a full unrestricted license that is current and active, no disciplinary action on the psychology license, a score on the Examination for Professional Practice that meets or exceeds the ASPPB recommended score and additional annual continuing education.

 We treat all OCD subtypes and themes. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)
  • Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) including Hair-Pulling (Trich)
  • Contamination OCD
  • Checking OCD
  • Counting OCD
  • Compulsive Staring OCD
  • Derealization OCD
  • Covid-theme OCD
  • Emotional/Mental Contamination OCD
  • Existential OCD
  • False Memory OCD
  • Harm/Violent Obsession OCD
  • Health OCD
  • Hit and Run OCD
  • Hoarding OCD
  • Just Right OCD
  • Magical Thinking OCD
  • Mental Hoarding (Need to Remember) OCD
  • Meta OCD
  • Need to Know OCD
  • Need to Tell, Ask, or Confess OCD
  • Need to Touch, Tap, or Rub OCD
  • Pedophile (POCD) OCD
  • Psychosis /Schizophrenia / “Am I going crazy” OCD
  • Pure O OCD
  • Racism OCD
  • Real Event OCD
  • Relationship OCD (ROCD)
  • Religious (Scrupulosity) OCD
  • Responsibility OCD
  • Rumination OCD
  • Sensorimotor OCD
  • Sexual Obsession OCD
  • Sexual Orientation (Homosexual) OCD/ SO-OCD (HOCD)
  • Somatic (Sensorimotor) OCD
  • Suicidal OCD
  • Superstition OCD
  • Symmetry/Exactness/Ordering OCD
  • Tourettic OCD
  • Transgender OCD

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