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With a commitment to delivering truly effective and life-changing services, North Tampa Behavioral Health supplies top notch psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment that meets the needs of those residing in and around the Wesley Chapel, Florida area. This high quality center utilizes research-backed methods of care so that all men and women who seek treatment at North Tampa can benefit from interventions that are proven to alleviate mental illness symptoms and bring about lasting recovery from substance use concerns. Among the levels of care that adults can participate in, North Tampa Behavioral Health offers inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization programming (PHP), intensive outpatient programming (IOP), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), treatment for depression, and a comprehensive program called C.O.R.E for active, inactive, and veteran military servicemen and women who require care to heal and recover from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and addiction.

Inpatient services, PHP, and IOP each offer services for men and women, as well as separate programs for adults of advanced age. Since the treatment needs of older men and women can certainly differ from a younger person, the inpatient and outpatient services available are able to focus on the mental and behavioral health issues that are unique to this population.
Inpatient treatment at North Tampa Behavioral Health includes a blend of various therapies and other beneficial resources. Individual, group, and family therapies can be incorporated into a person's customized plan of care, and if an individual requires medication to alleviate mental distress, onsite psychiatrists can provide this invaluable service. Additionally, inpatient care at this center features detox services for men and women who are battling chemical dependency so that they are able to reduce their risk of relapse and focus their attention on otheraspects of the recovery process.
This center is also proud to offer PHP and IOP to members of the community. These levels of care can help a person transition from more short-term and intensive treatment, such as inpatient care, or they can be used when less structured programming is not as effective in alleviating the presenting concerns that an individual is struggling with.  PHP includes more services than IOP so that men and women can learn, hone, and refine the healing and recovery skills they need to live healthier lives. IOP, on the other hand, supplies fewer hours and days of treatment each week, though it offers more support than traditional outpatient services. Both of these treatment options include expertly trained staff and many of the effective treatment methods available in the inpatient programs.
North Tampa's TMS treatment and C.O.R.E. Program are also life-saving options for care that can be accessed, as they are both specifically designed with the needs of the targeted populations in mind. In sum, by choosing North Tampa Behavioral Health as the place to heal from psychiatric concerns, addiction, or dual diagnosis, men and women can be confident in knowing that they will be receiving the highest quality and most
effective treatment possible.

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