Nozomu (Naz) Ozaki, Ph.D, RP,RMFT

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Nozomu (Naz) Ozaki
Ph.D., RP Qualifying
Psychotherapist Qualifying
Offices: St. Catharines

Langue: English/ Japanese

Focus: Individual, Couples, Marriage Counselling, Family Therapy, Grief and Loss, Anger Management, Depression, Addiction, Anxiety and Stress, Trauma and Abuse
 I believe that you have the ability to make the change you want to see in your life. I will carefully listen to your story and understand the unique circumstances in which your issues and challenges came about within yourself or with other people. At the same time, I explore your strengths and resources for change. By taking account of your strengths and resources, I explore with you steps and possibilities, tailored to you.

I take one session at a time, making sure that each session counts. Imagine yourself breaking through your issues and challenges, whatever they may be, and you’re thriving in life… I can assist you with that. I offer individual, couples, and family counselling for a variety of issues and challenges.

For nearly a decade, I have helped many people making meaningful, long-lasting changes. I understand that it takes great courage to discuss issues and challenges that you are facing. I feel privileged to hear about my clients’ lives and am grateful to be able to witness their change and growth, as they work through their challenges. This is what keeps me going as a therapist. I believe there is nothing like being a counsellor that gives me the satisfaction.

I obtained a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. in Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University, located in Florida, U.S. As a doctoral-level therapist, I have extensive training in a collaborative, strength-based approach to individual, couple, family therapy, and practiced in various settings (a university clinic, a psychiatric unit, a family strengthening program, a homeless shelter, and a counselling program for grade, middle, and high school students). I deliver therapy both in English and Japanese. I am also an experienced presenter, researcher, and author in systemic family therapy.

Your first appointment, the first step toward the meaningful, long-lasting change, is only a phone-call away.


アメリカのフロリダ州にあるノバ・サウスイースタン大学にて家族療法の修士号、博士号を取得しました。またアメリカの家族療法に携わる専門家の機関、American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy にてPre-Clinical Fellow のメンバーシップを保有しています。またオンタリオ州にてRegistered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) (心理療法を行う認可)を州の規制機関から受けました。
尾崎 望 (おざき のぞむ)

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