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With a hospital located in Chandler, Arizona and outpatient services offered in Casa Grande, Arizona, Oasis Behavioral Health is a pioneering provider of effective mental and behavioral health services for adolescents between the ages of 11 and 17 and adults age 18 and older.
Dedicated staff members, which include mental health professionals and addiction specialists who are expertly trained, deliver services with compassion and respect for each person's healing journey so that all who trust Oasis with their care can be confident in knowing that their lives will be improved in a lasting way.
Whether a young person or adult is struggling with a mental health condition, addiction to substances, or a combination of these concerns, Oasis has the services needed to combat these issues. For those with acute care needs to stabilize overwhelming and untreated symptoms of disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and psychosis, Oasis offers separate adolescent and adult inpatient treatment that is short-term and effective in jump starting a person's ability to manage his or her strife. This level of care is best suited for those who need a great
deal of structure and intensive services in order to resume healthy living once more. Additionally, and in instances in which an adolescent needs further support to manage mental health and behavioral issues, Oasis supplies residential care that can improve a youth's ability to function in every facet of life. Adolescent residential services at Oasis also caters to youth battling substance abuse problems so that those who abuse alcohol, cocaine, heroin, or other substances can recover in an atmosphere that is conducive to sobriety.
Adolescents can also receive beneficial education services that incorporate therapeutic supports into lesson plans each day. Oasis’s OARS program is an accredited school that supplies individualized treatment plans and customized curriculums that can assist young people in succeeding in their academic pursuits. By engaging in this program, young people can earn transferable credit that can be applied to their records at their respective schools.
Finally, Oasis Behavioral Health is pleased to provide outpatient programming options to adolescents so that they can make great strides in their healing journeys and practice skills they learned while at home and in their communities. Oasis’s mental health intensive outpatient program (IOP), substance abuse IOP, and girls trauma-focused prevention and stabilization IOP are available as short-term, less restrictive options for care that can
positively transform the lives of the adolescents who partake in them.
In choosing Oasis Behavioral Health as the place to heal from mental health concerns or recover from a substance abuse problem, people young and old can access the resources and support they need to become more productive, healthier, and independent people who can manage their emotional pain in beneficial ways. 

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