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In Lafayette, Louisiana, men and women aged 18 and older who are struggling with the symptoms and effects of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, psychosis, and other such issues can achieve the healing they need by coming to Optima Specialty Hospital. This center offers state-of-the-art treatment that has helped countless men and women achieve healthier lives. With a full spectrum of services available, Optima makes it possible to manage mental illnesses and co-occurring substance abuse problems in a beneficial way.

For individuals who need immediate mental health treatment, Optima proudly supplies inpatient programming that can stabilize overwhelming mental disorder symptoms in an emergent manner. While in this level of care, men and women benefit from personalized treatment planning that details the specific interventions and resources they need to experience alleviation from their distress. Furthermore, inpatient care at Optima Specialty Hospital features various therapeutic supports that are proven to help those who need more structured mental health services. Group therapy, family therapy, individual therapy, and medication management services are integral parts of the healing experience at this center, and are the methods of care that can help individuals reach their recovery goals. Furthermore, a person's treatment plan can also include care for co-occurring substance abuse problems so that each individual can get the all-encompassing treatment required to truly be well in mind and body once more.

Optima Specialty Hospital also supplies invaluable outpatient treatment options for those who need less intensive forms of care to heal and recover. Referred to as Visions, partial hospitalization programming, better known as PHP, and intensive outpatient programming, or IOP, can serve as excellent follow-up services once inpatient treatment has been completed. PHP, which can also be the start of a person's treatment experience at Optima, involves five days of services for up to six weeks. This level of care affords men and women with many of the same interventions offered in inpatient treatment, though patients are able to return to their respective homes in the evening to practice and hone their coping and recovery skills on their own time.

IOP at Optima is less restrictive than PHP, and is a great final step to take before engaging in traditional outpatient services and fully reintegrating oneself back into daily life. This option for care involves 3 days of programming, features various group therapy opportunities that can enhance the skills that patients have learned, and gives them a chance to further develop their confidence in managing mental illness symptoms. Men and women receiving IOP treatment benefit from the expertly trained staff members employed, and are given every advantage possible to both reach and exceed their treatment goals. Lastly, those in either of Visions' outpatient treatment options can still receive care for any co-occurring substance abuse issues that may be present at the same time.

In choosing to become healthier after having grappled with untreated mental health disorder symptoms, Optima Specialty Hospital is there. Upon completion of this hospital's streamlined admissions process, men and women alike can receive the support, encouragement, resources, and services they need to begin their new lives free from the pain and suffering of unmanaged mental illnesses and co-occurring substance abuse concerns.

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