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  • Canadian Certified Counselor
  • 260 Wyse Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3A 1N3
  • Phone: 902 489 0944
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You can do it! By sharing the proven techniques that heal us from anxiety, stress, depression and trauma, you can claim the life you deserve. I love bringing together research, training and solid experience to offer clients personalized options and a plan for uncovering your natural strengths.
I welcome a broad range of clients, who are looking for the best evidence-based approaches to include in their personal toolkit for wellness.
In addition, I have helped many clients in successful recovery from sexual abuse, assault or harassment. I wrote Suffering In Silence on healing in the aftermath of abuse, and have been nationally recognized for my expertise in this area. I have over twenty years of experience supporting women recovering from sexual assault, abuse or harassment, or partner violence.  
With specialized knowledge of the court process, I am also able to give expert emotional support for those going through a family court or criminal court process. 

Find out more by visiting my webpage You can also read my blog Sunflower Voices
Watch these short videos in which I address the importance of believing abuse survivors ,   prioritizing healing needs and why abuse is not a "relationship" problem

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