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As a Marriage Family Therapist I know how important it is to find a therapist you can trust. Finding a therapist or counselor isn't always easy.  I use practical feedback and focus on the strengths of my clients to help them reach their goals. I believe that with honesty, compassion and understanding, we can all find healing and have a more fulfilling life.

Going through a major life change can feel overwhelming, even if it is a positive change like a new career. You might notice your energy level decreases, you might have difficulty focusing, or you could have a lack of interest in things that used to be exciting to you. It doesn't have to be hopeless. Counseling can give you an opportunity to grow and learn new ways of coping with transition or loss. I've always had a strong passion for helping people and know I'm good at what I do. I can help you to find more joy and happiness in your life. 

On a personal level, I have survived many losses, including the death of both parents. My mother, who was my best friend, died of emphysema in 2005. My father (who I also loved very much) was murdered in 1988. As you can imagine, this was extremely shocking and excruciatingly painful for myself, my mother and my 3 siblings. He was thoughtlessly shot by a stranger while leaving his office in Oakland, CA. Apparently he wanted my father's car. I will never forget the day I got the phone call from my mother; and, the shock, pain and numbness that I felt. This was by far the worst tragedy I've ever experienced. The shock and pain are beyond comprehension unless you've ever survived anything similar. 

I felt like a victim when this happened to my father; but, as my grief, healing and recovery pursued, I realized I was not a victim, but was a SURVIVOR. This tragedy changed my perspective on life, people and the world in many positive ways. I became a much more empathetic person on a much deeper level. I realized I could feel another's pain and suffering much more than I had ever imagined. I also realized that if this could happen to my father, it could happen to me; and so, began to change my life so that I could appreciate every moment and day (knowing that I could be gone in a second). Surviving such a painful experience helped me to gain strength, compassion and the desire to help others. I love what I do and feel extremely passionate about helping my clients to heal and enjoy life again. We are all capable of landing on our feet and adding new meaning to our lives.

I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist with a private practice in Newport Beach, CA. I also see clients in Rancho Santa Margarita (and surrounding areas). I have over 10 years of experience working with Adults, Children & Teens in many different setting with a wide-variety of issues. I typically see Individuals, Couples, Groups, Adults & Adolescents (11+). My specialties include: Grief/Loss, Depression, Anxiety, Life Transitions, Stress, Marital, Dating and Relationship Issues. I am conveniently located near the John Wayne Airport and work in a lovely office with parking. I also provide Encrypted Email, meaning all interactions we have on line are completely secure and confidential.

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