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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
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Welcome to the beginning of your healing journey!   Let me help you begin....

As an experienced therapist (25 years counseling experience), I can help you discover solutions to your particular problems.  I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, as well as a board certified counselor through NBCC (National Board of Certified Counselors).  My background of experience and training encompasses services for individuals, couples, marriages, children, and adolescents. 

My office is easily accessed by all, and is in a clean, warm, family-friendly space. 

Specialty Areas

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy are two of my most often used therapy modalities, among others.  I also work in areas not listed below; just ask about it.

Marriages are my passion.  I have been married 39 years and we have raised two sons, and enjoy having 2 young grandchildren.  I have been trained in and have used Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy for a 13 years, one of the most effective marital therapies available.  I also work with infidelity, trust and attachment issues.  We will look at the unhealthy patterns and cycles you have become entrenched in, then work to change those to healthy ones.

Family Therapy:  Lots of families have overcome their impasses by coming in for therapy.  I have enjoyed hearing from those family members later as their children grow up and call, or as new issues emerge, because they felt so helped the first time.  Maybe yours is a blended family in need of some stabilization.

Parenting issues.  I spent many years as a preschool mental health therapist and consultant for Head Start and ECEAP programs.  I can help you determine whether your child's issues need further help, and I can help you to streamline your discipline to be effective, as well as assess the balance of discipline with nurture.  Parents can find their relationship strained by parenting differences, so let me help you get on the same page.

Adolescents and teens:  This age group has always been a successful part of my practice.  Kids feel comfortable talking here, and parents are assured that if family therapy is needed, I will seek the teen's agreement and involvement in family sessions. 

Family reunification counseling:  When there has been a time apart or estrangement, I have ways to help you and your child reconnect.

Military families and couples:  I have specialized in this area for a long time, and I am especially aware of deployment and reintegration issues, as well as the effect of PTSD on the couple and family.  I have taught the American Red Cross course called Psychological First Aid:  Coping with Deployments.  I am a Tricare provider.

The Effects of Trauma:  Since 2001 I have trained in and specialized in Critical Incident Stress Management.(Basic, Advanced, Disasters, Airline Disasters, Children and Schools, Emergency Personnel, and Terrorism).  Prior to that I also specialized in PTSD.  If you have had a traumatic incident that is hard to recover from, let me assist you.  Perhaps it isn't you but a family member you are seeking to understand.   For 15 years I have been providing Critical Incident Stress Debriefings and Defusings for traumatic incidents to major companies and banks as well as counseling the affected individuals.

Depression and Anxiety:  Whether you are affected by a situation or a recent move or have ongoing issues with either or both depression and anxiety, you have a lot of company out there - as millions struggle with these issues.  I will help you determine the source, then use proven techniques to help you conquer or manage these concerns.

Chronic Illness/Pain:  If you haven't been able to adjust to your diagnosis or pain level, let's talk about some ways to cope with it.  Family members may also be included to better understand the help you need. You can have a fulfilling life despite the chronic condition.

Women's Issues:  So much falls on a woman's shoulders, and she needs a boost now and then.  Whether it is single parenting or adjusting to a move or divorce, or relationship, adolescent or elder care concerns, let me assist you in navigating these difficult times.

Discover your unique skill set and strengths:  Another passion of mine is finding the unique abilities each person has, and then helping you to apply those in your life.  I encourage your use of an excellent assessment tool to help find these strengths to lead you to your optimal best.

Workshop and Retreat Speaker:  I have spoken and taught on many of the above areas, and would be happy to discuss being a speaker for your event.

Christian Counseling:  For those desiring it, I am very pleased to offer a Biblical basis for solutions to our life problems.  I taught the counselor training program at my prior church for several years.


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