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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #37970
  • Sierra Business Park 190 Sierra Court, Unit C-4, Palmdale, California, 93550
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  • Session Fees: $125 per 50 minute session, cash, check or (VIsa, MC, Discover) credit card.

I lived life backwards - starting college after my children finished high school and were launched.  I majored in  Psychology, minored in sociology. I have always wanted to understand how people become who they are. 

I completed a year-long certified residential training for alcohol/drug counselor, during which I spent 40 hours a week on the various hospital units. This gave me an incredible overview of the symptoms and behaviors of addiction from early to late stages.

In my Master’s program I used every opportunity to study sexual abuse, victims’/perpetrators’ issues, sexual addiction and rape, followed by a four-month internship in a state hospital treatment center for convicted and incarcerated sexual abusers. I found it interesting that these convicted sexually aggressive persons were indistinguishable in look and casual conversation from anyone else one might meet. The difference became obvious when they were asked to address their problem.

I next got a Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy at the University of Southern California For my dissertation, I interviewed 55 persons, divorced 3 times. My research showed the split between what the general population believed and reality.
I worked 14 years as a family mediator or child custody evaluator, working with separated parents who need a custody and visitation plan. Some of these people are angry, so annual domestic violence education was mandatory.

I am now seeing clients with issues of alcohol/drug addiction, sexual issues, divorce, anger and domestic violence issues.  I see clients who struggle with  issues as diverse as severely depression, high anxiety, difficulty adjusting to a separation in relationship or employment, and others who suffer from dissociation.

I f my background and training covers your issue, please call me, I'd be glad to help. 661-703-3342.

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