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With warm greetings, I inform that my mission is to guide you towards reaching your highest standard of excellence, towards learning to love your best self and modeling this to those you love along the way of your life leading others with you also to greater heights. A sophisticated emotional literacy level will allow you to successfully navigate relationships and meaningfully connect, hence contributing to your happiness, fulfillment, sense of meaning and productivity. You will recognize acts of love and appreciate your loving voice within. Self-realization, self-transcendence as a byproduct, and a full life are prefixed by an ability to experience joy, wonder, and a marked curiosity with which to welcome new experiences. This is an ultimate affirmation of life reflecting your level of vitality and exercise of freedom. Let us together furnish your garden with colors, music, light, warmth, elegance, love, confidence, positivity and mastery. It will be my pleasure to guide you in creating maps with directions towards a healthy destination of your own design. I invite you to identify and share your deepest yearnings, dreams and the vast diversity of your thoughts and feelings. I will be happy to help you activate your potential for success in the multiple spheres of your life.
I am a North American born NYS Licensed Psychologist with an array of international education and work experiences.  I hold a PhD in Clinical Psychology and a four year postdoctoral specialization in Frommian Psychoanalysis.  I have lived and worked in both Europe and Mexico, as well as in the USA and have treated a wide variety of culturally, ethnically, racially, religiously and linguistically diverse populations, distinct as well, in age and symptom particularities.  Please see under Areas of Expertise:

In terms of hobbies and leanings, I enjoy cultural pursuits: art, music, literature, dance and multicultural settings.  I have worked in psychiatric hospitals and hospitals dedicated to medical illnesses wherein psychological problems are etiologically related to the disease in question, or are secondary to them.   I have also worked in private practice spanning my professional career and in the corporate sector.   I am passionate about my profession and understanding the many routes to discover the unknown and the truth.  My interest is mission driven relating to a drive to help by activating one’s finer qualities and inspiring clients to speak to life with a higher voice.

Languages: English,  Spanish, Italian and French

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