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We know you’re in pain. You’ve been struggling, feeling alone, and it feels like you’re losing more hope every day.

We need you to know one thing, before anything else: you are not alone.
At Hope Therapy and Wellness Center, you will always feel supported. We will always strive to understand you, to respect that you are unique, with your own story to tell. We will endeavor to know you and your history, your problems and concerns, and we will never assume that what has worked for others will automatically work for you. We will work with you on a treatment and support plan that you are comfortable with, and we will always be your partner in your recovery, rather than authority figures who are out to discipline you.

If you’ve suffered from anxiety, depression, addiction or any kind of mental illness, we are there for you. You will never be treated like an abnormality, because thousands of others just like you have walked through our doors in pain, and out those same doors in recovery. Your stressors and concerns are legitimate and real – we know that.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of patients who have come to us, eager for assistance and hopeful for recovery and a chance at a better quality of life. At Hope Therapy and Wellness Center, we understand that you have personal and mental health goals, and we will do everything we can to help you get to where you want to be. We strive to create personalized treatment plans designed for you and your lifestyle.

Although we have the best client outcomes, it’s not about our statistics. It’s about you. It’s about being compassionate to your plight, to your needs. Whether you are living with and battling depression, anxiety, personality disorders, addiction or other life stressors, we’re here to help you, regardless of your age or income.
We accept Anthem insurance plans, and are getting paneled with several other insurance agencies throughout the community so we can better assist you and get you on the road to recovery. We also accept self-pay with a sliding scale, so you can focus on getting better, rather than whether or not you can afford treatment. Our company vision is that therapy and wellness is for everyone.

No matter what your fears and uncertainties may be right now, you can find recovery and wellness. And we believe that recovery begins with HOPE.

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