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It is my pleasure to provide therapy, counselling in the Ottawa region and have for 15 years.  I have a part time practice as I also work for an acute care hospital in the mental health program.  I originate from a small central Ontario community and since coming to Ottawa for graduate work have not strayed.  I have a lovely spouse, Bonnie, and two lovely daughters, Hope and Melody. I must say I have changed as a therapist following becoming a parent. In my personal life I spend time with my girls, in the winter skiing, and in the summer biking, and when not with my girls, I spend time with my buddies fishing, or attempting to be a handy, techie guy. My personal and professional interests lend currently towards emotions and emotion regulation and the interplay with secure/insecure attachment.  As a therapist I am current in various therapeutic models and maintain contemporary practice by regularly attending conferences and workshops and of course I work in a teaching hospital. My present lean in therapy is towards attachment theory and how insecure/secure attachment in childhood influence our interperosnal adult functioning.  Should you choose therapy with my practice, you will experience a thorough history, and shared agreement upon a goal directed approach towards a resolution of your particular problem.   Therapy with me, is time limited upwards of 6 months to a year, and weekly to biweekly.  There are no surprises, I tend to be direct, and while informed by models such as emotion focussed, cognitive behavioral and dialectic behavioral, I also apply a strongly psychoeducational approach.

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