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Wondering how I can help? Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, panic or grief? Do you have a history of challenges that you cannot break free from, no matter what you have tried? Did you experience an abusive or neglectful childhood? Have you experienced a distressing, traumatic or overwhelming event? 
Many of my clients have come to me looking for ways to manage painful, overwhelming or distressing experiences that are impacting their current life. Sometimes they wish to understand the root of their problem other times they wish  to escape the harmful cycle of negative thoughts, emotions and behavior that has them feeling lost or trapped in their lives. Whatever difficulties you are facing, I can offer you guidance and support as you develop meaningful and lasting solutions. You can feel comfortable as you address past issues, and feel empowered as you learn new skills and strategies to cope with challenges in your life.
My goal is to empower you with the understanding, skills and solutions you need to manage your life. I provide practical resources and tools that have been studied and shown to reduce symptoms, increase coping and change unhealthy or limiting patterns of thought, emotion or behaviour. I also address the root of the problem to make lasting changes in your current life.  EMDR Therapy, one of the approaches I use, has been proven both effective and efficient in treating trauma and endorsed by the American Psychiatric Association and the World Health Organization. More recently it has been utilized with anxiety, depression, panic and grief, helping to reduce symptom severity and improve current functioning by addressing core issues. It can also be used to uncover and address negative beliefs that are keeping you stuck. Another approach I may incorporate into treatment, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), can help change unhelpful habits of thinking and behaving, reduce physical reactions and increase your ability to cope with current issues and/or triggers. CBT has been proven to help individuals overcome anxiety, depression and panic as well as other concerns such as self-esteem, shame, guilt, anger, and sleep problems. With the right treatment for you, you can learn how to manage challenging symptoms, as well as address your problem at its core. 
But most importantly, clients work with me because I provide a safe, comforting, collaborative environment where you can share your struggles, feel accepted, and find solutions to your problems. I love what I do, and I am grateful for all the clients who have trusted me to help them realize their potential. 
My private office is located in the downtown Calgary core, connected by the Plus 15 skywalk for easy and discrete access before or during work. It is a warm, bright and inviting space where you can find available parking and complementary water, tea and coffee. Contact me today at 403-510-8914 or to book your free telephone consultation.


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